Poetry Series: Heartache

Heartache is part 1 of a 4 part collection I wrote called Bittersweet. I will post part 2 to 4  in the coming weeks. Comment, like and share. Enjoy 🙂

I thought I knew pain till I lost you.

There is so much that went unsaid.

There is so much I wish hadn’t said.


I had to stop fooling myself.

Wishing for things that would never be.

I had to accept this was the new norm.

Life without you in it.


I cried myself to sleep thinking of you.

The smallest thing triggered memories of you.

With it came the tears.


Life uprooted you from me.

Left in its wake the debris of my broken heart.

It never occurred to me that there will ever be a me without you.


Sometimes I felt like you were holding my hand even when you weren’t there.

Echoes of your voice haunted me.

You took my sanity when you left.

I was my best self with you in my life.


Leaving me was your encore.

Was any of it ever real?

Do you ever think of me as I do?

I was left second guessing myself.

Not knowing where to start.

Stuck in a daydream.


I lost myself to overthinking.

Life goes on, but I remain immovable.

Rooted to my bed, clinching on to my pillow like a leech.


Closing my eyes feels like giving into the void.

On the other side all I see are flashbacks of what we used to be.

Guzzling on caffeine just to avoid sleep.

Scared of what rabbit hole I will find myself in.


The pain of feeling worthless.

The sun couldn’t set fast enough.

With a new day I fight my demons all over again.


I found no peace in praying.

I deserted my hopes along with my faith.

Stubbornness became my default.


Emotions are very rarely convenient.

They took me for a ride and left me stranded.

Like a phantom they left me feeling uneasy.


Hindsight has been an itch I can’t quite scratch.

The voice in my head that I can’t mute.

Life humbled me.

It left me picking up the debris of my former self.

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