In Conversation with: Jacque Mgido

Meet Jacque Mgido the vibrant entrepreneur behind the JacqueMgido brand, formerly known as Vault cosmetics.

When did you start Vault cosmetics and what was the inspiration behind it?

I started Vault cosmetics now called JacqueMgido, 7years ago. It was inspired by my own insecurities and curiosity to really see if I was smart enough to create a brand. Providing a brand for darker skin women.

What has been the formula to the success Vault?

The quality, education and affordability of the high-end quality product. The support of the Zimbabwean woman.

Who are the rocks in your life?

The rocks in my life are My husband, daughter, my sisters. Pam Chinhoyi, our general manager who is also my friend and sister. Also, my parents, my artists and very close friends. 

Given the chance who would you like to vault?

Every woman who would never expect me to do their face.

How many places in the world can people find Vault cosmetics and how far wide do you plan on expanding the brand?

Online, USA, Europe, Amazon, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Uganda next. I plan on expanding all over the world

What is your theme for 2018? 

The theme is Education the more you educate the more the brand can expand. 

Describe a typical day in your life

Typical day. When I am in the LA, Call time on set typically 6:30 -7am. Get to set an hour early just to get my day started and check messages from Zim and all social media. Get the team ready in the States on our TV set. Work during the day on both TV and the JacqueMgido brand. Wrap up on set between 8pm -9pm. Head home to Munya and husband, watch Mumu play piano, chat, pray and put her to bed. 

What do you hope your clients get from using your services? 

I hope our clients get the satisfaction of the product performance. I hope they feel like the celebrity that they are.

How much time do you give to your work as compared to your personal life? 

80% work 20% personal.

What have been the highs and lows of your career and life so far? 

The Highs have been all the success and being alive to enjoy my family. The lows have been any loved ones suffering for any reason.

As an entrepreneur how do you find setting up tasks for yourself and making sure you hit all required targets?

Making up task is the easiest it’s hitting all required tasks is the hardest. I just take it one day at a time and do the best I can. 

Who have been your favourite clients and why? 

Zimbos have been my favourite clients. They never gave up on me.

What factors do you consider before working on a new client?

I look at their personality first.

Looking back, say 10 years ago, what advice would you give to your younger self?

I would tell myself, be more confident.

Where do you see Vault cosmetics, 2 years from now?

Vault is going to be in more than 40 countries.

What is the soundtrack to your life right now? 

Anything by Tekno

What is your advice for aspiring beauticians/make-up artists looking to get into the business?

Learn, learn!!!!! Intern under an expert.

What are you most fond of, about being Zimbabwean?

Our big smiles:)

How would you like to be remembered?

As a kind person. 

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