Monalisa Kembo: Inspiring Relationship Coach

Meet Relationship Coach Monalisa Kembo

Monalisa Kembo Is an inspiring professional relationship coach, author of Your Heart Has Bled Enough and a law graduate She is currently pursuing her second law degree, as she aspires to be a meticulous family law attorney. This perspicacious young woman’s mission is to restore, support and advocate for healthy relationships in a world that seems to have normalised toxic patterns of love.

Helping people build healthy relationships inspired her to become a relationship coach. “Imagine having the power to help people fall in love again, instigate hope and healing to a heart that knew nothing but pain as love, and having the power to kindle a couple to love each other to their fullest capacity. Well, that’s my passion. So to be honest I wasn’t inspired to be a relationship coach, I was born to be one.

Love knows no poverty, riches, skin color or even gender, and because of this, everyone is bound to find themselves in a relationship at one point or the other. This means that as a relationship coach I have taken up a global responsibility to help my clients find and experience love that brews with affection, respect, devotion, intimacy, peace and happiness.”

Monalisa Kembo
Monalisa Kembo

Mona’s favourite relationship coaches are Angela N Holton, Jincy Kelly and her mom Moleen Kembo.

Her advice for strengthening their relationships,The strength you have within yourself always amounts to how strong, healthy and successful your relationship will be. I always emphasise to my clients that you need to be so content, healthy, and fulfilled as an individual to a point where your partner only needs to add on to what already exists. It is never your partner’s responsibility to bring love, peace and joy into your life.”

Monalisa was inspired to write, Your Heart Has Bled Enough by her bleeding heart. “My bleeding heart is what inspired me to write my book with the intention to help not only myself, but others to stop the bleeding. This is a self-help book that is meant to shed light on toxic love and relationships and also evoke one’s strength to putting an end to it through the various tools I’ve provided.

My journey as an author has truly been humbling, fulfilling, and rewarding. Not only because of the excellent sales the book has been making, but because this book is doing exactly what it was created for – helping people. It is a joy that I don’t think I’ll ever fully be able to express.”

The relationship coach’s favourite writer is,My all-time favourite writer has to be Gary Chapman and I was specifically inspired by one of his greatest masterpieces titled 5 Love Languages.”

Mona’s book, Your Heart Has Bled Enough is available for purchase through various national and international platforms such as Amazon, Abebooks, Bokus, discover books, as well as direct purchases from me through the following email address – Signed copies can also be issued as per request.

“Being an advocate of love and relationships is certainly not easy, especially in a world where the national anthem is ‘batloa hurda’ or ‘mjolo wanyisa’. This has really put an even heavier load on my shoulders as a coach as I often find myself in cases where I really have to scale up my tools and approaches when advocating for healthy and successful love and relationships.”

Monalsa Kembo - rellationship coach
Monalisa Kembo

The advice she would give to her younger self, “I would say – Mona, your heart will lead you into rooms that you have never imagined you’d enter. That’s your superpower and key to helping nations.”

The young author’s favourite song right now, “Never Enough from The Greatest Showman. This song always reminds me that you can have millions in your account, torching fame, be the most intelligent person on earth and acquire mountains of gold but it will never be enough! It will never be enough if you don’t have love. To me this always reminds me of the power of a relationship.”

You can get in touch with Monalisa through the social information below:

Email –

Instagram – monalisakembo_official

Facebook — Monalisa Kembo

Monalisa wants to be remembered as a woman who fought for love.

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4 Comments on “Monalisa Kembo: Inspiring Relationship Coach”

  1. My girlfriend and I were really on the verge of breaking up as there were just too many issues between us then I bumped into Monalisa Kembo’s relationship page on Instagram. At first i was a bit spectacle as you know us black people especially us men aren’t a fan of coaches and therapist but something just told me to try and go for it man. I tell you now that was the best decision I made because this relationship coach saved my entire relationship within only 6 sessions that she provided. Happy to even say my Fiancé and i are getting married next month. Thank you so much Monalisa Kembo, I would recommend your gift and service of saving restoring love to everyone really and may more and more people realize that.

  2. Thank you Mona. You are an awesome package, blessed with beauty, intelligence, humility and a heart of gold.
    Your book had to be many things to me, a mirror to reflect my own toxic traits, knowledge as a result I had so many “aha” moments, it also became a councilor and a healer in my journey of valuing healthy relationships. Keep up the good work of helping people because wow people’s hearts are bleeding nomatter how normalized it is ,there will always be space for LOVE.

    You are brilliant and beautiful, woman.

  3. mona is heavy on that wisdom✋. I’m proud of you big sis; you will definitely be the key to solving love issues in our Gen Z💪.

    thank you @innocent for the interview too. it takes a great journalist to bring forth such depth of information.

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