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My name is Meta, I am a 29-year-old Namibian tribal hip hop artist born in New York, raised and based in Windhoek, Namibia. I am also a radio personality at 99FM, and a brand ambassador.

What/who do you treasure the most in life?

Family, friends, healthy living, nature, and of course music.

How would your family and friends describe you?

Lovable, and empathetic but also a pain in the backside at times. overall, a decent person to be around.

Where did your love for music come from?

From the family road trips in my younger years. My folks used to play the best funk, soul, jazz, rnb, and rock from their era. I remember the songs being the soundtrack to my daydreams. brings up such feelings of nostalgia.

What do you hope people will take away from listening to your music?

I hope people can sense the honesty, and raw emotion i put into my work because for the most part I’m telling personal stories.

How would you describe your style of music and what inspired it?

I would say it can be left field or experimental in a sense but i feel it is all based off tribal rhythms. I consider myself a tribal artist.

What have been the best and worst memories of the process?

The worst memory would be getting booed by a rough crowd in New York.

The best memory would have to be the last time I performed, engaging with the crowd and creating the experience in the spot with them…that gets me every time.

Of all the songs you have done to date, which one is your favourite?

Would have to be an unreleased track called “Banana”. I’ve performed it three times and every time the crowd were instantly hooked. watch out for that one!

Apart from music, what else do you enjoy doing?

I love staying fit and challenging my body in new ways. I enjoy time outdoors, and especially on the farm or by the coast. other than that, spending time with family and friends fills me with me joy.

Where in the world do you wish to perform one day?

Historically speaking I would love to perform at the Apollo Theatre, and for the culture I would love to perform at Coachella.

How progressive would you say Namibian music is, as a competitive industry in Africa?

Namibian music is beginning to push their own sounds, and visuals so I can see us making a lane for ourselves in the near future.

What is the most important lesson life has taught you so far?

Life happens, but it’s what you do about it that counts. get up every day and do best!

Describe a typical day in your life.

I wake up 5am to be on air from 6 to 9, then I prep for the next day and handle content programming until 12pm. I usually hit the gym after work and run whatever errands need to be run. I eventually come home to my space and work on new material as far as my art is concerned. I try to be in bed by 9pm which is tricky, but I take it day by day.

Where is your favourite place to perform?

Anywhere with a lit crowd.

Who are your favourite artists and why?

Michael Jackson because he taught me how to entertain.

Tupac because he taught me how to be black, and proud and to speak my mind.

Kanye West because he taught me how to think outside the box, and continually innovate.

Kid Cudi because he taught me to embrace my weirdness. 

Which artists would you like to work with and why?

Kanye West because he is a musical genius.

What are the top songs in your playlist right now?

Bouff Daddy-J Hus

Did You See- J Hus

Icon-Jaden Smith

Wo Wo Wo-Krept & Konan


We Will Never Die-Gold Link

When are you happiest?

When I create something new.

If you could give up anything for a year what would it be and why?

Women because they are a beautiful distraction.

What is your favourite thing about being from Namibia?

The sense of community.

How would you like to be remembered?

Someone who put their all into their craft, and kept it authentic throughout his career, and on a personal level I would like to be remembered as a good person.

What advice would you give to upcoming young artists?

Stay true to yourself and your sound, don’t conform and don’t listen to people who have not even tried!

I have also just released a new music video

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