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I am Chloe Carterr (with two Rs), a Fine Art student, YouTuber, Artist and Poet. I find out more about myself every day and that’s the thing I love about life. Some people think I’m a lot, to some people, I’m a friend, I’m a daughter a sister and to me I am working on being the best version of myself.

How did you get into art and what was the first thing you ever made?

How I got into art is a funny story. When I was younger, I had fights with my siblings, and I would fight them through art. I would draw ugly animals like a platypus and a rat and say that my brother looks like the drawing. After lots of practice I realised that I was good at drawing and painting because my 6-year-old paintings looked like the animals I compared my brother to! I decided to take drawing seriously in 2019 and now I study Fine Art at a University in London. I realised how good I was when my drawing of the UK rapper, Dave went viral on Twitter.

Where does your love poetry come from?

I’ve always had a love for poetry, it comes from my mum’s love for English literature because she would take me to university with her when I was a child. My aunt is a musician called Talibah Rivers and on Sundays I would go to her Jazz shows. It was a vibe!

Chloe Carterr, art

How did you get to be a YouTuber? 

One day I decided to post a hair video on Instagram, and it went viral. Then I moved over to YouTube. I’ve always been told that I’ve got a good personality and I should do YouTube. I love being on camera too.

How do you choose what content to create?

I always post what I feel and what I enjoy, my favourite YouTube video is my Afronation vlog because I love travelling and that video is hilarious and timeless! Also, I love filming try-on outfit videos because it’s so funny. I also enjoy telling story times, art, cooking, poetry shows and every other idea that comes to mind when I’m filming and I aim to do anything and everything on YouTube. I don’t want to be in one field.

What opportunities have come your way because of your vlog/art? 

A lot of opportunities that I’m grateful for have come since I started vlogging. I got to showcase a drawing at the live show of 90s Baby podcast, I also had my art work on display at Peckham Theatre and the All Bird shop in Marylebone. I’ve headlined shows such as Da Poetry Jam and virtually, Bring Your Own Bars Poetry. I’ve worked with big brands such as Oh Polly and Montel Rocks.

What do you hope people will get from watching your videos and viewing your art?

I hope that people learn that the best thing to be is yourself, we’ve all got to start living in our truths. I hope people use their gifts and start fulfilling their purpose. I’m learning to be more vulnerable and it’s a good thing, people connect with you more. I’m always vulnerable in everything I do especially poetry. I know that a lot of the things that people need to hear can come from a poem. I’m vulnerable in art and YouTube and it’s different from a regular job because every day I wake up and put myself out there, in a position to be criticised and that’s a lot to deal with. That’s why it’s important to work on yourself internally because the good work shows externally afterwards.

Who are your role models in life and your career? 

I’ve done some thinking and it’s hard to have role models especially when you don’t choose anyone you know fully; I’m influenced by specific parts of a person. My role model is probably the old me, she motivates me to be better than I was yesterday. Also, my mum and grandma, they are strong women, who always want the best for me. My brothers too, they are both so musically talented and they embrace being different and making different sounds. I love Drake too; his music is so skilful and is able to adapt to the times making him timeless. Rudy Francisco, Maui the writer, and UK poets like Woodzy, Miss Yankey, Big Scoop, Tienny and Samuel King inspire my poetry performances.

What has been your favourite piece of art to create so far?

My favourite piece of art is a digital image that I am currently painting! It’s called “Men Mastering Peace”.

Men Mastering Peace

What is your process when working on your art?

I usually draw from a reference image, I listen to calm music like Jhene Aiko, Lauryn Hill, Drake and SZA or I listen to poetry performances. I paint and make the atmosphere in my room peaceful and I burn Incense too.

What are your top 4 favourite songs currently and why?

A2 – Own Pace: because it’s really poetic and full of punchlines. 

Nizzy Ninj- Lady Needs To Know: because it merges old school music with new urban sound!

Lauryn Hill – Doo Wop: because it’s a classic and I love listening to old sounds that are timeless. 

Drake – every Drake song but the song I never skip is Nice for what because when it came out, its lyrics where everything I needed to hear.

How have you been keeping yourself busy throughout the year? 

I’ve been drawing, filming, praying and doing YouTube. Other than that, I’ve been on Tik Tok and Instagram and growing my followers. 

What are your favourite things about being Jamaican and Ghanaian?

The best thing about being Jamaican and Ghanaian is the FOOD! It feels like heaven when dinner is jerk Chicken and Jollof Rice! Another thing I love is that I will never have to decide whether it’s plantain or plantin, I get to say both whenever I feel like it!

How would you like to be remembered?

I’d like to be remembered as the girl who wore a smile on her face every day, my smile has become a part of my personality, it’s who I am! People can’t forget my smile because I always leave them with one too. 🙂 

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