In Conversation with: Sithembeni Zinyengere

Sithembeni Zinyengere

Sithebheni Zinyengere is a Zimbabwean entrepreneur, baker and caterer, owner of Thembies Sweets and Savouries, free spirit, lover of life, mother of 2 beautiful girls and a wife to one husband.

Where did your passion for cooking/baking come from?

First n foremost I love good food, from an early age I just enjoyed being in the kitchen, for me that’s my quiet place.

What would you say sets your work apart?

I hate shortcuts I put 150% in everything I also love what I do.

What inspires your work and how do you keep yourself focused?

My kids keep me focused I want the best for them and producing quality works keeps me inspired especially when I get customer feedback.

What have been the most memorable testimonies that you received?

The most memorable is seeing the difference I have made in so many people’s lives how I make their day is just so fulfilling.

How do you come up with the concepts for your cake designs?

Wow it’s hard to say I usually source ideas from the client and we then come up with things that represent their need.

What is the longest time it’s taken you to make a cake?

Sithembeni Zinyengere - Santa cake

I spent 4 days straight working 8-8 on that Santa Claus cake. It was even more intense as I was working on a deadline.

In your experience how long does it take for people to be able to cook/bake at a good level?

The truth is learning never stops and food is always evolving, so you are always pushed to do more. When it comes to the basics usually 4 lessons are adequate.

What is the most important thing you consider when cooking /baking?

Your attitude always affects the outcome of your cooking.

How often do you have your cooking and baking classes?

Classes are on going so as and when I have interested parties I hold classes.

Given the chance who in the world would you want to bake or cook for?

My mum, she passed away before I became who I am today, and I would make her some vanilla caramel cake.

What are you most fond of about being Zimbabwean?

The ability to be who I want to be.

How have you keeping yourself busy during the lockdown?

Sithembeni Zinyengere - Stileto cake

Trying new recipes, online video tutorials, cake orders you know the usual.

How would you like to be remembered?

 As an inspiration to many women.

How can people get in touch with you?

Instagram: Thembiesofficial

Facebook: Thembies sweets and savouries


WhatsApp 0773044598

Calls 0773044598/0719332676

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  1. Indeed you know how to put smiles on people’s faces. You have made a huge difference in my cooking skills and business. Keep doing that for others.

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