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Tiisang Masoko - Author

Tiisang Masoko is an Author, Emotional Healing Coach, Philanthropist and Speaker. She is an IT professional for one the biggest companies in South Africa. She was born and raised in Pella village in South Africa. Coming from a village background, she strongly stands for young people that grew up within the villages and believes that their dreams are valid. Tiisang is passionate about empowering women, especially those who have suffered emotional and relationship abuse for she knows and understands the challenges of it due to her past experiences. This led her to publishing two books about her life experiences.

Tiisang embarked on journey to brand herself as speaker by hosting a seminar Self-Empowerment with the well-known artist, Dj Zinhle, having her as Key-note speaker. In 2019 Tiisang became a top 5 Miss Bachelorette South Africa finalist. It is an women empowerment project that is aimed at recognising and empowering Mature, Unmarried and Independent women between the ages of 25 and 50, through philanthropy, fashion and beauty.

Where did your passion for pageants come from?

To tell the truth, I was always told by people that my body and walk are suitable for pageants and modelling. Then I thought to myself, why not try them out.

Where did the inspiration for your books come from?

My books are more of calling than anything. They happen to me; not once did I think of myself as writer but always believed was meant corporate and leadership. The holy spirit saw it fit to use my journey to motivate others that it is possible to live happily after being stripped of everything that makes life normal life. What do I mean by everything, losing my mom at 21 a month after starting work, being left with 2 siblings to support with my salary, being retrenched and suffering an ectopic pregnancy at age 23 and house repossession by the bank at age 24. My fighting spirit to be happy again is where my writing was born, which at the time seemed impossible.  A testimony that you win your mind before you win in reality.

What do you hope people will get from reading your books?

They will learn how someone can slowly grow into a depressed person. How to fight for yourself for the depression not to swallow your life.  I hope they find coping mechanisms to deal with traumatising events that block one from evolving into the best version of self. I also never thought there was happiness in this world without my mom, after losing everything I worked hard for, but knowing my gifts and hobbies saved me. The usage of both my hobbies and gift then restored me to be love, spread love and remain Love after all the heartaches life threw at me at an early age.  A journey where one has to arrive at a point where emotions do not control you and your actions, but your mind does. One has to understand that a mind that has no wisdom will always be controlled by emotions hence we find a lot people travelling to their future with brokenness of the past throughout their entire life.

Books by Tiisang Masoko

Are you working on any future books and if so, what will they be about?

Yes, I am working on my 3rd and last book, I hope.  I am not sure exactly at this present moment, as it comes clear at the end of the book. Reason being my books are based on a true-life story of my journey, so I’m not sure yet what God and my angels want to answer with the 3rd book.

What else do you do with your time?

 Taking part in charity events:

  • School shoes event with, Pella Matlhako Development Group NPO. Guest speaker and donated shoes as a contribution
  • Career Development Day, Pella Matlhako Development Group NPO: Guest speaker
  • NWU Alumni Outstanding Fees Fund Raising Event, sold my books and donated the money to NWU
  • NWU collaboration: Speaking at High School where NWU was giving Academic performance awards

I have had the privilege to feature on the following media platforms, Drum Magazine, North West FM, Alex FM and Massiv Metro FM, GauTV Eve’s Show, Cliff Central Kagiso Modupe, Touch-HD Ntando Duma, Soweto Tv with Nimrod Nkosi, Late Mate show,Tshwane TV with Martin Manamela on Authorpreneurship show and Airport Company South Africa Online Magazine.

Former Radio Feature Guest for:

  • The Love Zone every Sunday; 15:40-16:00 PM with a local community Radio called Kgatleng FM based in North West Moruleng Mall.
  • Power Zone every Friday Morning; 12:30-1:30AM at Power FM based in Houghton Gauteng.

What have been the highs and lows of your career/life?

Lows of my career, being retrenched. I am still awaiting to experience the highs.

Lows of my life, failed relationship that left me traumatised. Highs, my 30th birthday with 3 celebrations, 3 outfits in one day.  Link to it on my YouTube channel: here

South African author- Tiisang Masoko

My other highs:

  • is launching my 2nd book.
  •  Getting to know my power through my gift of writing and dancing that will only be lost when I die.

Who inspires you the most in life?

My Granny, the late Ntswaki Masoko is my heroin, no matter how many challenges and problems, she experienced in her journey on earth that seemed to have no solution she did not give up on Life. She never stopped praying and never lost her faith. When my mom died, I believed God does not exist. She is the one who inspired me to continue praying till I experienced God’s magical touch on my life.

How would you describe a typical week in your life?

My day starts at gym with meditation as I believe one has to take care of self for self to take care of them. Most of my motivational writing comes when I am on the treadmill at the gym. Then I go to my daily job after gym.  On a Saturday or Sunday, I will wake up to write 4 pages’ letter to God & Mom, then burn it afterwards, in that letter, I start with complains and end with what I am thankful for. (That is my emotional care method). Another typical Saturday is where I will be preparing to speak life at an event meant to motive the youth.

What is the soundtrack to your life?

  • Fly by Rihanna and Nicki Minaj (First sentence in the song:  I came to win, to fight, to conquer, to thrive)

What advice would you give young people who are chasing their dreams?

  • Never deviate from the Goal, no matter how many problems you encounter on the way.
  • It is important to read up on the generation before you, how they made it so to strengthen your mind against the hardships of chasing the dream. Because it gets hard, it can be confusing, and feel like you are not making progress.
  • Protect your Positive energy vibrations, there is magic in it.
  • Most people will give up on you but never give up on yourself.

What are you most proud of about being South African?

One language that is common and understood amongst all south African cultures, is music and dance.  I am also proud of history as it is reference that we can conquer if we unite.

How would you like to be remembered?

A soul that came to create awareness about being content with Self and conscious about your journey as an individual but most importantly one that left a trio of books that guide one how to be love, remain love and spread love.  Simply because there is a powerful magic in love that heals wounds that no Pill invented scientifically can heal.

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Instagram: @ngwanalesutlhe

Facebook: Tiisang Ngwana Lesutlhe

Facebook Page: @TiisangMasoko (My Dreams are my map on earth)

Twitter: @rmasoko

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