Lil Clyde: A Zimbabwean Artist To Watch

Lil Clyde

Meet Zim Hip Hop Star: Lil Clyde

Clyde Takudzwa Mwanananyoka known as Lil Clyde is a 23-year-old Zimbabwean singer, songwriter, and a Hip Hop artist. Born and raised in Harare, Clyde is the last born in a family of two.

The singer has been into music from a young age, “I’ve been singing my whole life and music has always been something essential to my identity but looking back at my childhood I used to sing in a church youth choir and I was usually on the forefront at the age of 12. I’d say that’s when I realised I had the potential so in 2016 that’s when I decided to do music as ag profession and I penned my first studio single.

The young Zimbabwean’s music influences are Lecrae, Lil Wayne, King Von and Trippie Redd. “All these artists have a certain type feel and I really admire how they can express themselves through their sounds.”

When people listen to his music, he wants them to, “I want people to feel safe, motivated, relieved and above all to feel they belong.”

The highlights of his career so far, “I’ve done several shows and tours around Zimbabwe especially in Harare. We had a KKND98 Album tour a week after it was released in Mufakose, Highfield, Msasa Park and, we went as far as Bindura and Mutare. KKND98 was my first album and it caught many people’s attention, got airplay from two of the major radio stations in Zimbabwe, that is Power FM and Star FM.”

Lil Clyde

The favourite artists and producers he’s worked with so far, “My favourite artists, I’d pick Two Sik and Calvin Kaynez and as for my favourite producer I’d say Boy Tricky of Roman Raps studio and NJ Oh. In the future It will be a great honour if I get to work with either Asaph, Nutty O or Crystal Rich.

On what people can expect from his upcoming EP dropping in August, “People can expect a better version of my previous album, music for the heart and soul, more improved wordplay and more storytelling because the EP is basically about my recent experiences.”

The two songs Clyde would you recommend to someone new to his music, “I’d recommend Haungambozvigone and Sorry for the Wait.”

The advice the artist would give to his younger self, “I’d urge him to stay positive and to be patient.

For whom God chose no man can dispute.”

The top song songs in his playlist right now:

J Cole- Amari

King Von – Mine too

Lil Durk – Backdoor

Ti Gonzi – Handichatokuonei

Quando Rondo – Okay

People can get in touch with Clyde on




Clyde Mwana


LilClyde Misfit

They can find my music on YouTube:

LilClyde Misfit


LilClyde Misfit


LilClyde Misfit

I would want to be remembered as someone who did the best, he could change the society in a positive way with the potential and talent he had.

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  1. We outchae fam , we moving , we taking over soon dawg , I believe in u my nigga , let’s go 💰💰💰

  2. Lil Clyde is the vibe. His young and talented and i know he will top the charts very soon . God bless his career

  3. This is a dream come true man. I still remember when we were in high school talking of how much wanted this and giving you all kinds names but here you are. Keep the fire burning my guy, we are here for more.

  4. You’re doing great bro with the works… We want more, go on and raise the flag higher…

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