In Conversation with: Charles Mungoshi Jr

Meet Charles Mungoshi Jr, the 4th born son of the renowned author Dr Charles Mungoshi and award winning actress Jesesi Mungoshi best known for playing Neria in the hit movie Neria.

What are you most passionate about in life?

I am very passionate about learning new things and motivating, inspiring and uplifting others.

What characteristics would you say one needs to be a successful entrepreneur? 

Entrepreneurs are made from having a bold character. Though most people mistake boldness with arrogance. One also needs to be humble and ready to learn.

How did your work with The Shift ZW come to be?

The Shift ZW started this year it is an idea that came about from the many meetings I attended working as Dr Chamu Chiwanza’s PA when he presented to students around the country on entrepreneurship. So we decided to share that knowledge with the rest of the nation. That is how I ended being a founding member of the Shift.

What other projects are you working on what is your role within them?

I am working on a film project which is a family business I am in the marketing team. I am also working with Dr Phionah Riekert as her PA setting up one of Zimbabwe’s biggest LPG station. I am also working on MaDhiri eCash a brokering platform which is still in its grassroots. There are many more underground projects I have not come to terms with sharing about them.

If you could choose one thing to be what would you rather be, an author, entrepreneur or motivational speaker?

This is a tough question for me – it’s almost like if you were to choose one what would it rather be a leg, a hand or your head? I don’t think I would choose either of those because they are like a package to me inseparable. So I would rather bake instead.

 Where in the world would be your dream destination and why?

I am here already don’t dream to be elsewhere because this is my mother land I love it here.

What is your proudest achievement in life?

Discovering myself in Christ.

What is the one thing you can’t live without?

The one thing I can’t live without is AIR. Otherwise everything else can come and go we all know that. But air aaahhh brother we need the air.

Of all the work you have done so far which one is your favourite and why?

I love MaDhiri eCash because it has the potential to grow and I can easily keep working on it. It has received a great response from the audience.

Which three people would you say inspire you in your career and in life?

My Father, my Mother and Brian Tracy.

Who is your favourite author/ motivational speaker?

Charles Mungoshi is my favorite author and Brian Tracy is my favorite motivational speaker.

As someone who is well positioned within Zimbabwean literature, are we making enough progress to be on the same level as our African counterparts?

Well levels are determined by readers, but to say the least I think we are rising.

Where do you hope Zim literature will be positioned in the next five years?

I hope it will be positioned where it was a few years back when we would have our own authors being recognized in different parts of the world.

 How best do we go about telling stories that represent us and keeps our culture alive?

The best way is to keep on writing stories and making the books available for the people to read.

What keeps you motivated during the low moments in your life?

The fact that I know who I am and where I want to be in the next five years. It propels me to do more.

What are you most fond of about being Zimbabwean?

The character of being able to face anything and still live – the 2008 struggle and the bonding of notes.

Who are the rocks in your life?

Jesus Christ.

Describe a typical day in your life.

Busy, busy, busy, up around 0400hrs write for two hours. Lay in the bed, read a book. Get ready to leave for work. Work hard and think hard.

What is the biggest lesson that you have learnt in your career and life so far, that you wished you knew sooner?

I have learnt that you only need CONFIDENCE to establish yourself. I wish I had known that earlier!

How can people access your work and get in touch with you?

I am available on social media on

Facebook @charlesthe2

Twitter @charlesmungoshi

Instagram @charlesmungoshi

What advice would you give to young Zim entrepreneurs and writer trying to make their mark?

I would like to say don’t try to make a mark but strive to do your best in all you do and what you do will make a mark!

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