In Conversation with: Meyniak

Meet the Zimbabwean lyrical genius, recording artist & spoken word artist, Meyniak.

Where did the name Meyniak come from?

Must have been eight to nine years ago, we were in studio with the guys and one of my longtime friends and producer, literally just went nuts over a verse I had just done. He went on to describe how he felt I was such a ‘maniac’ in regards to both passion and craziness during writing sessions. So from then the name stuck (we of course played around with spelling) however since that day the name for me has become abstract if anything.

Where did your passion for music come from?

Music is one of the elements I choose to express myself with. Organically I feel I am a poet, so I guess you could say that’s where it came from. I also feel music is all around us, all we have to do is listen, speech arranged in a specific way is music, so it must be appropriate to say my passion came from passion itself.

Where do you fit in, in Zim music?

I am Creation, I am also a beneficiary of Creation. Where do you draw the line? I feel it’s all blurred. I am what the morning star requires me to be at that particular moment, what the moon energizes me.

What are you currently working on and when can we expect to hear it?

I’m not working on anything, I’m relaxing in sound and pixels. I’m sure you will hear it when you choose to listen…

How many songs have you done up to now and what is your favorite?

Well, I have three body of works, with over 30 songs altogether and a number singles and spoken word pieces. I have done quite a number, I have no favorite from the content that has been released. My favorites are those pieces not yet exposed, they still are my secret. They are incredibly personal.

What was your first live performance like and where was it?

I was in high school, in my senior year, I remember other students cheering. I was fortunate enough to have performed with my friends. I was overjoyed. We were ridiculous on stage!!!

If not for music, what else would you be doing?

Gardening, Wandering, Aging and maybe a little bit of magic.

What is the motivation behind your music, what do you hope your fans take from it?

Motivation would be the energy within and around me. It could be from a humming bird, a line from a movie, a dream or even imagination. It’s all in one dense network, one beautiful infinity I suppose. Well first of all, I don’t believe ‘fans’ but it’s cool let’s work with that. I hope they find faith, love, anger…etc. My mission is to trigger thought, no more a reaction than a response. Whether it’s positive or negative as long as it provokes you to think, even for a second in their 24 hours!

Which three artists would you like to collaborate with one day and why?

I would like to work with Dominic Benhura, Aaron Chiunduramoyo and Jenne Messa-Brase, (let me just say this, by the time you read this it might have changed. Highly probable.)

What is your proudest achievement to date?

I have a year and half old nursery with herbs which is still vibrant.  (ichoooooooo!!!)

How do you keep yourself motivated when things are not going well?

It’s in the ‘insignificant’ moments that we are defined. The small blocs are as important as the smaller ones. We can only appreciate joy when we have been through pain, every moment of experience is equally as important as the next. Learn from it.

Who are your rocks in life?

My mother and brother. They inspire me.

Who is your favourite Zim artist and why?

I do not have ONE because there is such an infinite pool to choose from. I feel different every day.

As an artist, where do you hope to see Zim music in the next decade?

Music in Zimbabwe should be able to sustain itself. I hope it is able to capture its audience and make them realize its importance. I hope it has structures that help in it being effective and efficient. I feel this will create more opportunities for not only artists but also other people through employment and even the improving the economy.

What is the one thing you can’t be without?

Hope. (it’s what gets me up in the morning)

What is next for Meyniak?

Hopefully we can try out some fashion or food. The potential we have as humans is incredible.

How can your fans access your music or get in touch with you?

For any details regarding music purchase and anything similar anyone is free to contact our email:

And follow me on:

Twitter: @meyniak_artist

SoundCloud: meyniakartist

Have you got any advice for young artists who are starting out or struggling to make it?

The world does not owe you anything, the earth gave you everything so work hard and bring a friend with you for the journey.

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