In Conversation with: Kudzai Pasirayi

Meet Kudzai Pasirayi, a passionate, hardworking, determined young lady who has pursued a career in writing.

Kudzai Pasirayi is an ingenious writer penetrating age, race and religion through publishing posts, articles, books and spoken words on various platforms. Born in the City of Harare in Zimbabwe, I later migrated to the UK with my family and currently residing in Middlesborough, in the North East of England.

In recent years, I have focused on writing issues of self-improvement, spirituality, and self-help on many platforms such as Ezine Articles. From the age of 15, I started writing on blogs to enrich lives. Early 2015, I self-published with K. GENERATION Productions for my 1st book title What Life Teaches Us, available on Amazon, it illustrated an insight treasury of life lessons.  I am an active writer also writing in small magazines and various sites. I have earned a strong social media presence so I can reach many lives and enrich them with my posts or monthly releases. Early 2016, I published a children’s books series which is action and adventure packed.

What are you most passionate about in life?

I am very passionate about invention. Writing has allowed me to invent stories that can entertain, encourage and brings laughter to anyone.

What characteristics would you say one needs to be a successful in their chosen field?

Hardworking, Patient and Determined.

Without these three things, you might struggle to be successful.

How did the K. Generation Productions come to be?

Kingdom Generation basically came from the idea of being an innovated generation which is ready to have dominion or to want to rule a kingdom/empire.  So I decided to call it K. Generation Productions in short just to enrich young generations lives through innovation/dominion. My job is to illustrate innovation through publishing.

Where do you draw your inspiration for your books from?

Inspiration is everywhere.  For me, traveling to places, talking to people and books gives me a lot of inspiration to write. When it came to children books it was actually my childhood that inspired to write the incidents that occurred.

If you weren’t a writer what would you be doing?

A chef. Since the age of 12, I dreamed of being a chef to the point where I even own a culinary diploma and studied it for a short length of time in University. I was almost half way my studies at Bournemouth University in 2014 doing International Hospitality Management when I had to choose between the two. I ended up focusing on writing.  Writing has been a hobby since age of 8 which has turned out to be my career.

What is your proudest achievement in life?

Winning an enterprise award in 2015 for self publishing my 1st book in Teesside, What Life Teaches Us which is available on Amazon.

Who are the rocks in your life?

God is my rock. Life is a complex journey and without Him, you will barely survive.

Also my parents and my best friend, she has just been the rock in the highs and lows of my life giving hope.

What is the one thing you can’t live without?

Books are the things which I can`t live.  Hidden treasures and lessons of life are stored away in book. You just need to pick on to discover them which is the reason why I can’t live without them.

Of all the work you have done so far which one is your favourite and why?

The book series, Mischievous Ralphie in Action.

I created the character Ralphie about 2 years ago who is the main character of my children`s book. He is a mischievous rabbit who is determined and fearless. I believe his adventure in the 2 books of the series has been the best work I have done in my life at just 21.  Any child from any part of the world can identify themselves with this character.

Which three people would you say inspire you in your career and in life?

My mentor- Poet Joan Clark who has taught me so much about writing from her 30 years of experience in the Arts/Writing industry.

My mother- An incredible woman who has taught me the fundamental skills of life.

J.K Rowling- The level of determination and hard work is incredible. Her life story on how she became the bestseller of our times and facing rejections so many times to the point she self-published her works really made an impact in my life as writer. Her imagination is just amazing. You can really write anything as long you got an imagination.

Who is your favourite author?  

Beatrix Potter- She was a book pioneer creating memorable stories such as The Tale of Peter Rabbit. Her works are impeccable. I see myself writing and following her legacy.

Where do you hope Zim literature will be positioned in the next 5 years?

I hope to see more up-coming talented writers of this generation contributing to Zim literature by being so confident in showcasing stories that impact life. Also for writers to represent culture and traditional beliefs in their works.

How best do we go about telling stories that represent us and keep our culture alive?

I believe you have to original in the way you tell stories. By that I mean you have to tell stories that reflect our cultures, traditions and beliefs. Also telling stories of things that actually happened in each day of our lives. For instance, I have created a character Ralphie who plays a role in showcasing the naughty things I did as a child. When your mother sends you to go and buy something and you are late in bringing that loaf of bread because you were playing with your friends. That is how you keep a story original and real in a way that it represents me as a person, my childhood and life.  Stories like that are incredible for young readers as it acknowledges the realities of life, culture and all.

What keeps you motivated during the low moments in your life?

Knowing that I can’t give up now is what keeps me going. It produces a certain level of motivation that a better day is yet to come. Also, knowing low moments will pass.

What are you most fond of about being Zimbabwean?

Being brought up with traditional values, that has helped to shape my life positively.

What is a typical day in your life like?

Right now, my typical day involves spending times with a team of people who are fundamental in my works. By that I mean, working closely with my illustrator, editor, cover designer and so on, on producing my children’s book character Ralphie’s next storyline and how he should look in the up-coming books. Sending emails and also spending a great deal of time on the laptop managing my work as a self –publisher.

Also going to the library for 2 -3 hours in a quiet environment reading the works of the best sellers like Roald Dahl, Beatrix Potter and so on in the children’s book world. On my work off days, I live my life like any other human being.

What is the biggest lesson that you have learnt in your career and life so far, that you wished you knew sooner?

I am glad through experience I have learnt that you don’t become a writer for riches, fame or celebrity status but for the talent you showcase and also working harder to leave your mark. I wish I had known that early when I was starting to publish my works at 15.

 How can people access your work and get in touch with you?

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What advice would you give to young Zim writers trying to make their mark?

Be very confident in yourself and showcase your talent as a writer. Be willing to learn and get yourself a Writer/Artist yearbook that will be fundamental in your career as a writer.

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