In Conversation with: Brythreesixty

 Meet Zimbabwean Hip Hop artist, Brythreesixty.

Brythreesixty is an African Hip Hop artist based in Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe, who goes by the government name Brighton Wiseman. I was born and raised in Kadoma to a family of four.

Where did your name come from?

Brythreesixty, Bry is short for my government name Brighton, when I was a kid people used to call me Bry, and threesixty came about when I started rapping, which is in 2010, 360 is something that is complete, like a complete circle, I became complete when I found myself in rap music.

Where did your love for music come from?

I was Just a music fanatic since day one, I used to listen to them DMXs, Ice cube, Eminem, Rakim, I was introduced to rapping by my homeboy EL Deeper in 2010.  I didn’t know I had the talent to rap, because I used to freestyle and stuff, he just came at me like yo man do you know you can be a big rapper and we can came up with some dope group. That’s when Christhood was formed together with Scorpel Rollz, unfortunately now everyone is focused on their solo careers now, no more Christhood.

Which one of your songs is your favourite and why?

My favourite song is ‘still living still standing’, that was one of my realest songs I ever wrote. I wrote it in 2012, those days I was very sick, thought I was gonna give up the ghost. I did that song as a prayer that no matter what I will still stand and live on, here I am now I am still living standing, All Glory to God. In think I will redo the song, so people will hear were I came from.

What is the biggest lessons that you have learnt in life so far?

The biggest life lesson is, if you chase your dreams, keep believing, stay prayed, God will surely make it happen. No matter how hard it is keep pushing, the doors will eventually open.

As an artist what’s the most important thing to you, the fame, wealth or making music that connects with people?

As for me what comes first, is to make people happy through my music, you can check online my music is mostly for free, also money is comes in second, fame also follows because you can’t separate the two fame and money. I am happy now people are accepting my music since I rebranded myself from being a gospel rapper, to just a rapper. People got it twisted I am still a Christian and I love God.

Who keeps you grounded your life?

Firstly, its God, myself, because mostly I push myself to the limit, my friends, fellow partners, people who support my music and family.

What do you hope your fans to get from listening to your music?

Realness Real Life, I rap about real life, what’s happening to my life and around me, because what I am facing someone is also facing it somewhere, so they might bump into my music, they can relate to some songs and they can be inspired or motivated. I am all about self-motivation, positive vibes.

Have you experienced highs and lows in your career?

I have experienced more lows than highs, you know life is a lesson, you live and you learn, so I learnt a lot through those lows so that, when I am all the way up I will be able to handle the pressure. My rebranding left one E, coz I had to restart everything, start from Zero.

How do you deal with the lows?

Self-motivation, I have learnt to motivate myself, I pick myself up when I am down, and also praying to God for wisdom to help me deal with any situation. Your Knees will solve anything.

If you could pick three artists to work with, who would it be and why?

Besides my Yedu Entertainment Crew, SChingy , EL Deeper,  I would like to work with:

Jah Prayzah: because that man put in so much work and he inspires me.

Ammara Brown: everything she touches boy it turns gold

Sulumani Chimbetu: just for the fun of it

What is your proudest achievement to date?

I won an Award in Nigeria 2016, Best Collaboration on my song Shay Baii Ft Lil Dizzie.

Who are your role models in music and in life?

I got no role models, because I found my balance, self-made, that is why I say shout out to myself in almost every song I do.

Name two things you can’t live without.

Tricky question, besides God, I will go for double M, Music and Money.

Where do you think Zim music stands currently in comparison to other African music?

Zimbabwe now we at the door and we knocking on the global door, and it’s just one answer and then we all in. Look at how Jah Prayzah is putting us on the map.

When you aren’t making music what would you be doing?

I will be playing video games, hanging out with my power circle.

What’s in store for you in the next five years ?

In the next five years I will be one of the biggest things to come out of Africa, and I will be big.

If there is one thing you could change about your life what would it be?

My mind set, because that’s my worst enemy at times, I constantly have battles with it, because sometimes it tells me the opposite of what my heart believes in.

How can people access your music and get in touch with you?

They can get me on:

Facebook :

Twitter :

Instagram :

Soundcloud :

Website :

Whatsapp : +263774600510

What advice would you give to aspiring young artists?

Don’t give up on your dreams keep pushing, stay positive and stay prayed up.

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