In Conversation with Ruvarashe Matumbure

Meet Ruvarashe Matumbure, a Zimbabwean chef in training who given a chance, says she would love to cook chilli con carne for Barack Obama. The young student chef feels her passion, determination and commitment set her apart from other chefs, going on to say “other chefs may have chosen this field as profession but for me it’s a way of life.”

Cooking isn’t only a profession for Ruvarashe, but a lifelong hobby. She credits most of what she has learnt to watching cooking shows, reading cookbooks, and seeing the way other chefs display their work. Her passion came from seeing her mother cook and how she’d ask her to help her when she was very young. Her love for cooking grew stronger in high school when she was studying Food and Nutrition, from there she decided it was what she wanted to do in college. Stuffed Butternut

The young Zimbabwean has a very methodical way of cooking, firstly she paints a picture of what she wants to make. “When it’s done it must have a certain texture, colour, and taste, when all that comes out right then I know it’s a job well done”, she shared. Furthermore, when cooking the young chef considers guarding against food contamination. Adding on that, “when baking I consider having the correct measurements and temperature.” A very thoughtful and clinical chef indeed.

The talented student chef draws inspiration from Enock Matumbure @enocqmatphotography and Nehemiah Lazarus @blinksphotography because they like photographing her work, they are best at what they do and they give her constructive criticism and encouragement. The one thing she’s most fond of about being Zimbabwean is having to cook a variety of African dishes.

You can get in touch with Ruvarashe through the following: Instagram- @ruva_carol125, WhatsApp +263 784 231 144, Email:

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