In Conversation with: Tawanda Eli

Meet Bulawayo based photographer, Tawanda Eli.

Where did your passion for photography come from?

My passion came from messing around with the camera and seeing some great shots that would come out then it became a hobby and now it’s my profession.

Where is your favourite place to take photos from?

Any outdoor places. I love it.

How can people get in touch with you and how do they access your work?

Facebook page : Eli Photography

Instagram : Eliphotographyofficial_

Twitter : @TawandaEli

Email : +263774089014 /0719089014

Do you have a favourite photo of the ones you have taken?

That’s kind of hard because I love all my photos because all of them tell a different story at that time depending on where I was.

If you could pick anyone in the world to photography who would you pick?

Halle Berry.

Where in the world would be your dream place to go, and take photos?

Barbados & Jamaica.

What do you consider when taking a photograph?

I have 3 things that are important- Location, lighting, Chemistry(I need to have chemistry with the client.)

What would you say sets you apart from other photographers out there?

I am attentive to detail. I have the ability to tell beautiful stories just through images.

Who inspires your work?

Sal Cincotta.

Who are your favourite photographers?

Joshua Dwain- because I love the way he captures peoples expression especially wedding couples.

Sal Cincotta- the way he teaches, the way he markets himself and most importantly the composition of his photos.

What is the one thing you can’t live without?

My Lenses.

What are you most fond of about being Zimbabwean?

The ability to create amazing pictures with limited resources.

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