In Conversation with: Chipo Fay

My name’s Chipo Fay and I’m a Zimbabwean lass, I recently graduated from my university. I was studying Visual Arts and Visual Communication Design.

What is proudest achievement?

Graduating from studying a course that I actually loved. It was a fight, but it was worth it. So, so worth it.

How did you get into writing?

I started writing when I was six. I’d write short stories on an old PC that used to stay in my room. My first story was about chipmunks.

Which one of your projects are you most proud of?

That’s a hard one to pick. Maybe an online magazine I did a couple of years ago. It took so much time and effort, but it was a success and it opened a lot of doors for me.

What do you hope people will take away from reading your work?

I hope they take something that reminds them of something in their life. Preferably something good. I also like to create work that makes people think.

What would you say makes your writing unique?

It’s infused within me. I tap into my own personal experiences and observations to give my writing a unique factor.

As a writer what the most important factors for you when creating a narrative?

It needs to be sincere and it needs to be true. If it appears to be shallow, I work at it until it has depth.

Who inspires your work?

The people around me, really. I draw my inspiration from them.

Do you have a favourite genre?

Not at the moment. I’m usually all over the place when it comes to reading and writing.

What have been the highlights of your career so far, good and bad?

The greatest highlight? Finally, being paid for my work. Bad. Hmm, bad clients, really.

What do you get up to when you are not being a writer?

When I’m not writing, I’m designing or watching tutorials that’ll help me improve my skills. I’m a Graphic Designer as well.

Describe a typical day in your life.

Wake up in the morning, have water or coffee while checking emails. I try to plan my work and execute it for the day. There will be YouTube and Twitter throughout the day. I also go to the gym.

What is the most important lesson that life has taught you?

The sun will always come out, eventually. Always.

What is the soundtrack to your life?

Very good question. Maybe Destiny’s Child’s Survivor?

Who are your favourite writers and why them?

Marian Keyes – I love how she fuses humor while dealing with heavy topics such as abuse, alcoholism, etc. She writes in a way that’s so relatable.

Chimamanda Adichie Ngozi – I appreciate the stories she’s covered. Her writing always draws me in. Though I’ve wanted to fight her on the way she’s ended a couple of her books, but hey.

Upile Chisala – Her words give me life. So much life.

If you could give up anything for a year what would it be and why?

Carbs. I’m currently working on that. They’re not doing my life a favor, lol.

What is your favourite thing about being Zimbabwean?

So many things. I don’t know what to single out. Zim Twitter, probably. The humor there is unmatched.

How would you like to be remembered?

I’d like to be remembered as someone who loved fully and was never afraid to take a chance on life.

What advice would you give to upcoming writers?

Be intentional about building your skills. Find ways to build your portfolio. Work on your craft. Work on your craft. Work on your craft.

What are your social media handles/website links?

Twitter and Instagram: @Chipochashe_

Blog: (to be released soon)

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