Dancehall Keddah: Zim Dancehall Rising Star

Meet Zim Dancehall Star Dancehall Keddah

Dancehall Keddah born Edward Terence Cheza, grew up in Glen View, Harare in Zimbabwe. His Afro Dancehall music has an undeniable energy and that paired together with his great vocal ability, equals fireworks. If his music doesn’t have you dancing or bobbing your head, then I don’t know whose music will. Start your journey into his music with one of his latest servings, Jahman.

On where his name came from, “Born an albino, my friends used to call me Keddah. When searching for a stage name I just chose one close to home. I put the dancehall just to let people know what genre I do before they hear the music. Being an albino is a challenge depending on whose eyes you see it through. For me, it’s my greatest attribute because if you play a video of mine with no sound, you will be intrigued to want to hear what “that albino has to say”.

That is an advantage and the ball will already be in my court, I just have to make sure that I capture you once and for all. The disadvantages will arise when dealing with people who may say “they only listen because of pity”, now for an albino artist this may be devastating to hear and may cause an artist to even quit altogether. But to my fellow albinos I say, our lack of melanin is our greatest tool. We are the colour TV’s in 1960, own your advantage!”

Keddah’s passion for music started from an early age, “I just enjoyed music more than your average 4-year-old would. I found I could express myself better if I just sang about something bothering me than talk about it.”

It was at Prince Edward were Keddah started pursuing his interest in music. At P.E he was in the Jazz band, Pop/Rock band, Marimba band & Mbira Band. Keddah’s music career began back in 2008 when he was a drummer for Bob Nyabinde before having to quit to focus on his education.

Dancehall Keddah
Dancehall Keddah

“In 2013 a friend of mine played me Killer T’s Ndakarova Gunners. I went home and played it close to 10 times a day EVERYDAY for about a month and since then I just fell in love with the Zim Dancehall genre. I had never heard a description of an event that well thought and put out as a song in ZIMBABWE, which says a lot because Zim Hip Hop was really thriving then. Since then it’s just been Me & Zim Dancehall till the mic cuts off.”

The inspiration for his songs comes from anything and everything, “I once wrote a song about a man who fell from grace after the sausage fell out my sausage-roll in town. Couldn’t pick it up and whilst walking away thought the sausage to be a man who once had everything and suddenly you lose everything.”

Dancehall Keddah recently released an EP, Mashoko Kwamuri, “I started working on the EP during lockdown. Initially me and my team were focused on singles and videos. The more we recorded the singles they all had a connection so we picked up a theme early on and started crafting what would become Mashoko Kwamuri.

On the production side I worked with Rodney Beats (Semi-Auto), Chiweddah (Ghetto Anthem & Chida Moyo), Toga (Kukushaya, Jahman ft. Zoe LeRae and You & Iwewe) and 5.iV Keys (Pamba Pano & Mukwasha iMboko). Each producer brought their own flair to the EP hence the reception by the people.”

The past year has brought opportunities for the artist, “Making music during the quarantine has been amazing. There was no rush to release as we didn’t know what was next. The biggest thing about the lockdown was many big/established artists stopped releasing music and relaxed a bit. That is what gave us upcoming artists an edge we started releasing music. Because of the pandemic, everyone was home and online, so the field was level. So, if you released and properly marketed your material you had the whole country watching. Prime examples are Poptain, Van Choga even me.

For the rest of 2021 I will be working on collaborations and more videos. In fact, each song we release will be accompanied by a video. Performing is close to my heart. This year I really want to start performing as soon as I can. I want to connect with my fans all over the world.”

When he feels a track he has made has that thing, DK remarks, “My mouth gets watery as if I just made a meal for everyone and its almost time to eat.”

DK’s favourite artists are, “Lil Wayne – He had the greatest run of all time. 2006-2011 was Weezy everything. Most people got introduced to tattoos, syrup, and the overuse of autotune. He had everyone up their game, so we got better music from all his peers as well.

Beenie Man – I just couldn’t (still don’t) understand how he would perform so well with him jumping and dancing on the stage in a SUIT!! That kind of determination, only a few have so di Zagga boss is truly a favourite.

Alick Macheso – Because he is the maestro.”

The artists Keddah would you like to collaborate with, “Locally I would love to collaborate with Killer T. He is an amazing artist and his simplicity with words but still hitting your soul is something a few can do (I know I cannot). Internationally I would want to collaborate with Kanye West. Creative minds do not go beyond Kanye!”

“My playlist:

  • Delroy HKD – Jungle
  • Poptain – Bhurugwa
  • Alick Macheso – Shedia 
  • Jah Prayzah – Tiise Maoko
Dancehall Keddah
Dancehall Keddah

For the rest of the list I play my music. I am somewhat of a perfectionist so I always listen to my music to pick what I can do better next time.”

DK is inspired by, “Anyone who makes a $1 a day. Growing up I have seen families sleep hungry, children chased from school for not paying school fees. So, for any man/woman who can decide to wake up and earn a $1 a day, that is who inspires the most if you come from where I come from.”

His advice for other aspiring artists, “Treat the music industry the same way a nurse, teacher, DJ, president would treat their own careers. As musicians we have a tendency of thinking music is not a career.”

The greatest achievement in his life so far, “My beautiful baby daughter, Aneni.” The Dancehall artist wants to be remembered for, “My ideas. More than the music, the videos, the shows, please, remember My Ideas.”

Connect with Dancehall Keddah on social media and access his music:

Facebook: Dancehall Keddah, Instagram: dancehallkeddah, Twitter: @dancehalkeddah

Soundcloud Deezer YouTube

Local Bookings & Info: Call/App DK – +263 78 555 8189 Email:

International Bookings & Info: Call/App Nkosilathi – +61 498 827 548 Email:

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