In Conversation with: Tanaka Manjengwa

Meet Mr Soul Touch Tanaka Manjengwa

Tanaka Manjengwa is a conservative young radio DJ/presenter aka Mr Soul Touch. In the next 5 years he sees himself, “As an entertainer, I want to branch into being an MC, voice over artist, advertising, modelling, etc.” The rocks in his life are, “God, my family and my lovely supportive girlfriend.” 

Tanaka’s inspiration to get into radio was sparked by a legend in Zim radio, “Delani Makhalima became a familiar face when I was older and moved to Johannesburg, I had the honour of picking his brain on few things about radio.” His career as a radio host has been nurtured by, “My career has received some help from Thabo Mokwele (KAYA FM) and Kudzi Marudza (ZBC). I also taught myself and put myself on the map with my own self-produced YouTube webisode called the SOUL TOUCH

The highlights of his career as a presenter has been,“My highlight has been creating my own opportunity so far, finally being able to showcase my talent and learn from my own mistakes.” 

It can be hard for anyone to get into the radio industry given how much talent there is, more so if you are outside your home country. The challenges faced getting into radio, outside of Zimbabwe, for Tanaka,Have been very tough. In my opinion, it’s really a ‘’who you know’’ game to able to crack into radio, in Zim and outside.”

Tanaka Manjengwa - Mr Soul touch in front of a mic
Tanaka Manjengwa

The presenter’s advice for people who want to get into radio is,“Start with what you can get hold of, you don’t have to be on air to be a radio presenter. These days the internet is a platform to showcase your voice and talent. Start by doing voice overs, always keep your eyes open for openings and attend them. Be humble whilst you are there and network through the whole event. BE NOTICED!”

His most played songs right now, “This one is a tough one, but I will begin with my all-time legend Oliver Mtukudzi track called Kuropodza. Billy Ocean – Love Zone, Gerald Albright – Bermuda Nights, Ken Navarro – Island Life and Kenny Lattimore – Never too busy.”

The best advice he has ever been given is, “It’s better to be ready for an opportunity before it comes.” When it comes to what Tanaka is most proud of about being Zimbabwean, “My culture to begin with, I love that I am Shona. My origins and where I am come from Mutare, ‘’KUMAKOMO YOH’’.

If you want to get in touch with Tanaka it’s Tanaka Manjengwa on LinkedIn as that is his prefer social media platform.

On how he wants to be remembered, “I am working on continuing my quest and journey of being Africa’s Premier Old School Soul & Jazz producer by working with music shows on radio. Continuing my journey of being an official voice over artist and presenter for radio and events across the country. Expanding myself as being known as the go to person that understands and preserves the legacy, charts, and history of Old School Soul & Jazz music. I love being the man of the hour and talking about the history of music, there is more instore don’t click away.”

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