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Brunch and Bantu Knots Podcast focuses on conversations surrounding the black community. We talk about all kinds of topics, from serious stuff to crazy stuff. So far, we’ve released 2 seasons (10 episodes). One season is all about matters of the heart. We discussed serious topics like emotional abuse and trauma and lighthearted topics such as dating. Our second season is all about Black British and Zimbabwean cultures, in honour of Black History Month, and our nationality and heritage.

How did the podcast come to be and why did you choose that name? 

The podcast was a lockdown baby! A few months in, we decided to start one because we’ve each been wanting to start one for years now. The whole idea is that we’re just sitting down to have a chat about anything and everything as we would while brunching – that’s where the name came from. The “bantu knots” is because we are 3 black women from Zimbabwe, which is part of the Bantu people.

Who is part of the team and what is their role?

We have Mona, Nessa and Rumbi hosting the podcast. We don’t really have specific roles as such because we all do a bit of everything. Although Nessa tends to handle most of the twitter interactions, and Mona and Rumbi do a lot of the editing. We also have a behind the scenes friend (Yemi) who helps us with our Instagram content.

What do you hope people will get from listening to your podcast?

We hope that people will learn something new, be entertained, laugh, and maybe even challenge their own views.

How do you come up with the topics you discuss per episode?

We brainstorm ideas about what we want to talk about, bounce ideas around, and eventually have a full season all planned!

Take us back to the start, how was it is recording your first episode?

Oh wow, this is a funny one because we didn’t really know much about recording. We record virtually, so we it was a lot of “can you hear me”, crackling, white noise and technical difficulties. We moved still, and we’ve since improved our equipment and recording process.

What have been the main challenges of recording during lockdown?

We’ve only ever recorded during the lockdown, so we haven’t met in person yet; if it wasn’t the national lockdown, it was the local lockdown. The region of England we live in has had a very high number of cases for a while now. The biggest challenge really has been not having the opportunity to create some content that needs us to be in the same room. We want to sip mimosas and that while recording and it doesn’t always work out.

What is the future vision for the podcast and the Brunch and Bantu Knots brand? 

We just want to grow our podcast and reach more people and we hope to collaborate with other podcasts and creatives in the future. We recently started doing a weekly cocktail recipe and when the lockdown has been eased, we want to introduce that as a segment during which we make the cocktail before recording so that people can see the process.

What are your top 3 favourite songs and why them? 


Ya Levis – Katchua: This song gives me the feels, it’s relaxing to listen too. I don’t understand French or Lingala, but yoh it will always have my heart, endless replays.

Busiswa ft DJ Tira, Distruction Boyz, Moonchild Sanelly & DJ Maphorisa – Midnight Starring. Whenever I hear this song I just have to get up and dance!! It’s a banger.

The Soil – Korobela. This song is so heartwarming and soul soothing. It reminds me of the likes of Ladysmith Black Mambazo classics.


Beyoncé – Schoolin Life

Schoolin’ Life is just timeless to me, and speaks to so many things about life, which we always dive into on the podcast. I’ve been able to relate to this the same way for many years. It challenges social norms and stereotypes of growing up in a lighthearted way and the message is just really “life is for living and learning, enjoy it”. 

Brent Faiyaz – Let me know 

The words “Who can I love when they tell me I can’t love myself?” resonate so much with me. I am on an endless journey of self-love and continuously learning to love myself in new ways which also helps me to love others in new ways too. This song always reminds of this journey.

Masego – Tadow

This song just blends everything I love about R&B, Jazz and Soul into one beautiful song. Feel good vibes, Tadow just puts me in such a positive mood and I’m always playing it on repeat.

Rumbi: This changes a lot, so I can’t give you 3 songs. Right now, I am playing and enjoying Umuhle Ntombi by Vico Da Sporo & Sandile.

What is the one thing that you can’t live without?

Nessa: My phone – due to the lockdown I have had to use my phone more than ever for work purposes. Also, I use my phone for everything – keeping in touch with my loved ones particularly those back home, accessing the news and current events, music, podcasts when commuting to and from work. I don’t know what I would do if I lost it.

Mona: The internet, only because it gives me access to so many other things.

Rumbi: I’m very tempted to say the obvious things, but I’ll have to say my plants, music, my phone and my favorite podcasts.

What advice can you offer for someone looking to start a podcast? 

Rumbi: Go for it! don’t wait 4 years like I did, just start one.

Nessa: The hardest part is starting; it becomes easier with time. Be patient with yourself, it’s important to know your strengths and weaknesses & most importantly you need to know why you are starting your podcast and your target audience.

Mona: Be passionate. All of my favourite podcasts have a good theme, passion or topic that they can’t exhaust talking about. We always get excited about each season we do because we talk about what we want to talk about and find interesting. We don’t publish topics just because they’re trending (that’s how you fall into the noise of everyone else). Love everything you put out because it’s something you care about and want to share with people.

How would you like to be remembered?

Nessa: I’d like to be remembered as someone who was caring, fun and approachable, lived their life to their heart’s content. Lastly, I would like to be remembered as someone who wasn’t afraid to stand up for what is right, even if I am standing alone (if you’ve listened to our episodes you know this has got me in trouble a few times).

Mona: I think there are two ways to be remembered. How you remember your own life and how other people remember you. I think life is all about experiencing so I want to remember my own life, as something I fully immersed into the range of experiences that life has to offer. I want other people to remember me by how I made them feel, which I hope includes feeling loved, empowered, supported and forgiven.

Rumbi: I want to be remembered as someone who loves/ loved whole heartedly. In terms of first impressions, I want to leave lasting impressions by having people remember me as someone who made them feel happy or made them smile or laugh.

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