In Conversation with: Christen Atim

Christen Atim- food blogger

Christen Atim is a proud African girl with a chic taste for food and life in its entirety. She is a Ugandan food critic and restaurant blogger.

How did you get into blogging?

A friend talked me into it. In the beginning I treated blogging like a hobby. I did a little bit of fashion, then it got boring because I had lots of clothes but very few outfits. I did makeup second, then it became too crowded. Finally, I discovered my love for food and I’ve never found anything more fulfilling.

What made you choose to be a food blogger?

I loved food but I wasn’t a great cook. That’s when I saw a gap in the blogging industry of Uganda especially. One would jump to fashion, hair, food and makeup, but very few were talking about where they ate or what their experience was like. Using this information to help someone else find a restaurant quickly. I loved food but I needed to tailor my love for it into something that would fill the existing gap in the industry.

What do you hope people will get from reading your blog?

I hope people can get my Authenticity and Originality.

What is your favourite restaurant that you have written about?

My favourite restaurant would be Holy Crepe because of the ambiance and the views at night.

How do you get over writer’s block?

To overcome writer’s block, I look for new inspiration on a road trip, a new relationship, just something to bring the spark back into my life.

What is your favourite food/drink?

Christen Atim -fave food picture of peanut butter milkshake

No exactly a food, but a drink. It’s the peanut butter milkshake I have when I visit Holy Crepe.

What is your process when critiquing food?

One is presentation; People eat with their eyes first so the overall presentation of food on a plate will determine their experience. The colours, placement and textures, nothing goes unnoticed.

Two is the overall taste; This includes identifying spices, seasoning and texture of the food. There should be a consistency in how each spice compliments the other. Taking note of the freshness and quality of the food is also important. Sometimes the chicken will appear too dry or too soggy.

Three is the menu; The menu should be able to offer a variety of dishes to choose from. A diner doesn’t want to feel limited by a small menu.

Who are your favourite bloggers?

My favourite bloggers are:

A Kitchen in Uganda by Sophie

Lamic Kirabo

Fashion Muse

Lerato Kgamanyane

What have been the highlights of your blogging journey?

One highlight of my blogging journey would be meeting David Tlale and chatting with Santa Anzo at the Abryanz Fashionpreneur summit in 2018.

Christen Atim- Ugandan blogger

How would you advise someone getting into food blogging?

For someone joining the food blogging business, you need to set yourself apart from any other food blogger. Be different. It could be your love for coffee or a unique Instagram theme that makes your pictures easily noticeable. Be different.

Secondly, every blogger’s journey is different. It takes time to grow, but build a strong community of loyal followers, be consistent, authentic and objective.

Who are your rocks in life?

My best friends, most don’t understand what I do or why I spend 30 minutes taking food pictures in a crowded restaurant till it gets cold. They still cheer me on anyway.

What is the soundtrack to your life?

The soundtrack of my life would be “I was here” by Beyonce.

What is the best advice that you have ever been given?

The best advice I’ve received was from Anita Beryl at the Miss Uganda North America Ladies Summit 2019. She said she looked at how big Beryl Couture would become that she forgot how small it was.

What are you most proud of about being Ugandan?

What makes me proud to be Ugandan is the fact that the secret to my skincare regimen is in my backyard, free of charge and tax free.

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