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Kia Martina is in other people’s words “weird and bookish”. I disagree with all of them though. I’m super chill and I love words! 

Where does your passion for writing come from?

Like I said, I love words, which might be a thing I picked from my Father (very weird and bookish guy). However, the day I truly discovered I loved to write was when I read out an essay I wrote and a girl I’d never met before walked up to me and told me I’d changed her life. I found out I could change lives just by piecing words together and that was how I discovered my passion for writing.

How did you get into blogging?

Well, I honestly can’t quite remember how I discovered WordPress, but about four years ago, I discovered I could share my thoughts with the world for free, and voilà! I became a blogger.

What inspires the things you blog about?

Most of the articles on my blog are my thoughts on everyday issues ranging from mental health to sexism to sexual abuse. So, I’d say, everything and everyone is my muse.

How has been your journey as a blogger?

When I’d just started, I was so anxious for the world to listen to what I had to say, and in a bid to increase traffic and get followers, I tried to not be controversial, not “stir the waters”. I didn’t want to annoy anyone. As a result, I never really talked about the things that I wanted to. However, four years down the road, I’ve learnt that it’s my blog, my own platform that I created, and I maintain the right to speak out on issues that I feel need to be spoken out on. So, it’s been a great journey.

What has been your favourite moment of 2019?

I have been on Twitter since 2015. Dormant and inactive, though. I never even had the app. This year, I became an active user, mainly because I wanted to share the articles on my blog. I’ve come to realise how powerful social media is; it’s not just girls posting thirst traps and boys “roasting” each other. There’s a lot of activism for real issues, there’s a lot of wisdom being shared, there’s a lot to learn. So, my best moment of 2019 really is an ongoing moment, if such a thing exists, becoming an active social media user. (I got to be interviewed by you!! Never would’ve happened if I hadn’t bothered to download the app🤣)

How long have you been an editor? 

I’ve been editing papers and essays and articles for friends and family since time immemorial. Just recently I thought to myself, “What if I did this for money?” So, here we are. Have a manuscript that needs editing? Holler!!

Talk us through your process. 

I usually do a spelling and grammar check first and get rid of all the words that aren’t words, the slang and what not (depending on the type of document). Copy editing, I believe it is called. Then I get down and dirty, going sentence by sentence, seeing what works and what doesn’t, removing and replacing commas, adding adjectives and changing verbs. When it is all done, a couple rounds of proofreading and my job is done.

Blogger Kia Martina

Who inspires you in life and in your career?

I know this sounds clichè, but honestly, all the women in the writing, editing and publishing industry inspire me.

What do you get up to when you aren’t being a blogger/writer?

I am a Small Animal Veterinarian. So, when it’s not writing, it’s lots of fur, ear scratches and belly rubs, but mostly bites and angry meows and growls because my patients generally don’t like to be pricked and prodded. 🤣

What is the soundtrack to your life?

This is a hard one. I’m not very picky when it comes to music, but I’m also very picky when it comes to music. Someone told me this once and honestly, it’s true. So…..I guess this is my answer.

Who are your favourite writers/poets and why them?

I used to believe Maya Angelou was the greatest poet ever but there are people out there today writing poems that hit you right in the feels. So, my list is still growing. Lately though, I’ve been reading a lot of Amoafowaa‘s poems. I find her poems so relatable. What’s amazing about them is however relatable I find them, I feel j could never articulate my feelings as well as she does. Bless her! 

Dan Brown still remains one of my favourite writers because however controversial his work is, it always leaves you amazed.

What is the long-term vision for you as a brand?

I honestly just want to read and write. If I can somehow expand this passion into a big writing, editing and publishing company, well then, bless the Lord!!

What are you most proud of about being Ugandan?

Uganda has a long way to go in so many aspects. Despite this, it is so easy to build a life and be happy here. I love this about my country. I don’t have to leave to be happy. 

What advice would you offer to anyone pursuing their passion?

Pursue that dream. If you die you die!!! Regret will probably kill you faster!

How would you like to be remembered?

I’d love to be remembered as the weird, bookish woman who changed people’s lives just by piecing words together.  (This would make a nice tagline, huh?)

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  1. The point of being a dormant social media person, I must admit I’ve been there too, especially for Twitter.
    However, having given it time, it’s a place full of a lot to learn.

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