In Conversation with: Kudzanai Kandiwona

Kudzanai Kandiwona- fitness instructor
Kudzanai Kandiwona

Meet Kudzanai Kandiwona – a 26-year-old Zimbabwean professional dancer and a dance fitness trainer. She enjoys connecting with people through her love for dance, using her dance fitness program Kukuedancefitness. You can watch her energetic dance routines on her YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. The dancer is part of a dance duo called Sheroes, with her friend Lynsey Lynn. Kudzanai is someone who loves to laugh and to make people laugh and staying true to herself. Her rocks in life are her Mother and The Almighty.

Her passion for dance started from a very tender age she remarks, “I was born with the talent, but I decided to do it professionally at the age of 21. What inspired me to be a Zumba instructor was the energy and the happiness that I saw in people, the way they love taking care of their Body. Honestly, I had never encountered that kind of Vibe it really attracted me, so I was like, WHY NOT!”

Kudzanai Kandiwona of The Sheroes
Kudzanai Kandiwona

The young dancer wants to encourage and to influence Females to take care of their bodies, to stay fit physically and mentally through dance. Also, to let them know that they can do anything they put their mind to. She aspires for her work to not only be known in Zimbabwean, but all over the world.

The 26 year old’s advice to an aspiring dance fitness trainer is, “to get the information that you need to get started, look at work by the big names in fitness industry so that you get an idea of how it works and of course try to be different to them and build your own name.” The best advice that she has ever been given is, “to keep pushing no matter what, you will get there, and be your own competition.”

Doing live dance classes became challenging with lockdown challenges. The trainer stated, “at first it was hard because of the pandemic, but we Zimbabweans we do not give up easily, I never stopped putting my work on my pages and I got a few clients who wanted to do house calls, so that helped with promoting my business.”

On performing with her friend as part of Sheroes, “performing with Lynn is amazing, but challenging in a good way- because she is someone who puts her all when she is dancing  so to me it’s a good push because I’m driven to put all the energy and the attitude that is needed. Our duo works because we now understand each other’s movement and we connect so perfectly when we are on stage or creating a routine.”

Kudzanai’s favourite dancer is, “Bontle Modiselle (South African) she is my favourite because, (you know dance is poetry in motion, right?) so the way she moves and the way she interprets a song- for me it’s breath-taking. She is also very versatile she can dance to Afro, Hip hop, Amapiano, etc. Lastly, I like that she is a true version of herself.

Kudzanai Kandiwona and Lynsey Lynn- The Sheroes

The highlights of my dance career so far are:

The opportunity of working in China from 2017-2019.

Working with Gemma Griffiths x Nutty O and Asaph on their latest music video (+263).

Managing to teach our own female dance classes as Sheroes.

Working with Tariro neGitare on her latest music video (Mazuva Haafanane).”

Given the chance, Kudzanai would like to choreograph for following artists, Gemma Griffiths, Tahle Wedzinza, Nyasha David, Tamy Moyo and Nutty O. She would also like to work with- Evonne Mudzingwa (fitness trainer), Bontle Modiselle (Dancer) and David Cooper (Dancer).

Kudzanai’s current go to playlist on a relaxed day is: 

Takura – Mufaro 

Freeman ft Takura – Pafoni

Nutty O – Jehovah Musatisiye

Nathi – Qathule 

Amanda Black – Hamba

You can get in touch with Kudzanai via the following:

Instagram @Kudza9ai 

Facebook @Kukue Kandiwona

For bookings call +263771535999

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  1. Kudzie is an inspiration,creator of art in movement. She is amaizing, hard worker and beautiful,keep the fire burning Queen.

  2. Outstanding dancer, and human being. Her mighty power is turning negative energy into strength, c an adapt to any obstacles thrown her way, great interview it was really intriguing.

  3. Kukue is one the best dancers I know and she is so hardworking. Thank you Zimbo Son for sharing her story with us.

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