In Conversation with: Lizzie Hax

Lizzie Hax

My name is Lizzie Hax, many will know me as InTheEyesOfLiz (or Liz) from my socials. A few fun facts about me, I am the eldest of 4 siblings and we are all twins (two sets), I can play over 5 instruments, I’ve solo travelled, survived earthquakes, and I’m always down to give something a try! When I’m not being spontaneous, I love to cook, create, engage with others, and share good vibes! If I’m in your presence, just know we’ll have a good time. 

What inspired you to get into blogging?

Writing has always been part of my life. I’ve always loved writing and sharing my thoughts from a young age. When I was little, I used to write short stories and just get creative with the storyline. It’s interesting because I went on to get an English degree but, on that level, I had a very academic style. At uni, I took a non-English module that required us to blog weekly and It took me back to my fun writing days. I started my blog in a way to keep writing but also to shake the academic tone (it’s not every day formal).

I wanted to write how I speak and in a language that anyone could understand – whether they were academic or not because in real life I talk to all kinds of people from every background and I wanted my work to be inclusive. My blog is a place for me to talk about things I find interesting whilst connecting with people. It was also a way to inform and share my thoughts without becoming repetitive since, over the years, I’d get asked questions about my lifestyle and opinions on things (such as solo travel or general opinions). The blog was the best way to do all this and it’s crazy that people from all over the world have read my work. It’s amazing and I’m grateful for every reader.

How did, In the Eyes of Liz come to be?

It was when I decided to jump back on socials. I had deactivated Twitter at the start of uni but ended up managing the ACS socials by the end of the year. So, I jumped back on Twitter since I would be on the platform. I thought of the name on the coach to uni. I wanted it to mean something and be relevant to my character. InTheEyesOfLiz popped into my head and it made sense: one of my favourite features is my eyes and everything I do is through my perspective, so I felt like the name encapsulated everything. I kept the name for all my platforms and the rest is history. 

How did you decide what topics to focus on?

It was hard to decide what topics to focus on because I’m such a multifaceted person, but I tried to cater for the areas that I’m usually questioned on – Food and fitness, Travel (especially solo travel), reviews, (because I’m honest), and general reflections. I’m currently rebranding a little, so I’ll only be focusing on my reflections posts from now on. I like my reflection posts because they’re more personal, have more depth, and cover a range of social topics so I don’t feel limited.   

Lizzie Hax

What do you want people to feel after consuming your content?

I want them to feel informed and that they learned something of value. I’m a bit of a geek so I like researching, and each blog is written with love and dedication. I want people to know that it’s raw and real. Everything I write is inspired by my thoughts, opinions, and experiences. I want people to come to my site because they want to hear a voice that represents their life and what they may also be going through so I write in a way that is digestible for everyone. Those that know me personally will know that I write how I speak, which is why the audio comes naturally. I added audio since I’m a talker at heart and I wanted to ensure that my content was assessable to anyone who wanted to engage. It’s for those who don’t like to read, those who prefer assistance, or even those who prefer to multitask. I hope you’re loving the new features!

What would you say makes your blog and your style of content unique?

I think because I write how I speak and write authentically, by default I can’t be mimicked. I’m also someone who doesn’t tend to plan my posts weeks in advance because I’ve always been someone who’s gone with the flow and I try to maintain that in my writing. From my reach alone, I know that my content is relatable regardless of where in the world you’re from, but the comments and emails I get are also testaments to my unique style. I’d like to think that my writing is a breath of fresh air. Like my character, my style is not too serious but still holds respect and validity in its content.

Who are the rocks in your life?

The biggest rock in my life right now is God. He really is the anchor of my life. He comes first and has taken me through some real trials that have allowed me to grow as a woman. Other than that, I have a solid group of girls who bring me joy and support in many ways, and my family have always been my rock. I Love them all to bits. 

What have been your most memorable moments as a content creator?

I really don’t know! I think it’s when strangers tell my siblings that they’ve read my content or when someone with a black Albanian heritage found my blog and reached out to me. It’s actually pretty cool because there are hardly any, I’ve heard of that are our age. My best friend at uni had told me about her through a friend of a friend so when she found me, I had already been told about her a few years prior and she found my blog from a completely unrelated post! Isn’t the internet a small place?

Lizzie Hax

How do you cope when inspiration to write is lacking?

Writer’s block happens to the best of us, and though it can be frustrating, I try not to give it too much attention. As mentioned before, I try not to pre-plan my topics weeks in advance since I like to be inspired by things that have recently happened, but then in a way, it can add more pressure. For me, the topic isn’t usually the issue, but the way I want to write. On some days, the words come out naturally, on others, it can take hours to write. When I’m in that mindset, I try to take a breather, go for a walk, and reset. I’ll discuss the topic in person and it usually does the trick.

What is the most important thing you have learnt from being a content creator?

Focus on you and no one promotes better than you! The truth is, when you start creating, the support you think you’ll have, isn’t always there and if you’ve been relying on that support, it’s easy to become disheartened and stop. It’s important to focus on what YOU want to share and whether you’re proud of it. That’s what’s important! The support will come, and often stronger from strangers. That’s just how it goes. At the end of the day, the world owes you nothing and your work isn’t going to be everyone’s cup of tea, but you don’t have to take it personally. Just do you and stay consistent! 

How did #CarThoughts come about and how has it been received by your followers?

#CarThoughts came about when it was observed that I don’t speak much to people – or at least show my face. In real life, I’m sociable and engage well with others, but those who know me online won’t necessarily know that. I’m someone that is in my car a lot and is always on the move and I have a fair number of conversations in my car. In fact, some of my best conversations have been parked car convos so #CarThoughts made sense. I like to do mini pep talks and I like to rant on things that make me think, so it was a way of sharing that with my followers who LOVE it which is so flattering!

I used to do it every day and I didn’t realise how much it became a part of people’s routine until I did them less and then I got angry messages telling me that they wanted more! I didn’t know that my mini 4 story clips had become part of so many people’s daily rituals, but every time I get a message about them and how it helps set the day, it makes me so happy! I usually do my #CarThoughts on my story, but I’m going to start posting them where people can re-watch later so look out for more content on the gram! 

What is the best advice that you can offer to others?

My advice to others is to do what makes you happy. You end up coming to that realisation eventually, but the sooner you do, the more grateful you’ll be. Happiness is the golden key. 

What advice would you offer to your younger self?

Be freer and stop overthinking! You live once, so live life intentionally. If it makes you feel good, do that. There may be opinions, but it’s only you who lives your life. Don’t let someone else be your driver. 

Where do you see your brand in the next 5 years?

Hopefully, I’ll be able to work with big and inspirational brands and people. I see myself doing talks, collaborations, and other fun and exciting things! I hope I can make a difference, spread love, and discuss topics that are often swept under the rug. I want to be a platform that is real, honest, and relatable, no matter how big I may grow. I’d like to be a voice for the people. 

What are the top 5 songs that mean the most to you and why them?

Lizzie Hax

It’s hard. I’m from a musical background so I have a big appreciation for different types of music so the songs will change. On a day-to-day basis, I like to listen to Afrobeats and the UK Urban scene. If I need a mood booster, Soulful praise and worship always does the job, if I want to chill then it’s RnB and slow jams and if I need to focus, it’s classical and Jazz. If it has a good beat and vibe, I’m usually feeling it:

Ginger – Wizkid ft Burna

Koroba – Tiwa Savage- she’s is a vibe

Loading by Olamide and Bad boy Timz

The Don – Mr Eazi 

Unstable – Kaniva

Can’t let u go – Stefflon Don

Alright by King promise ft Shatta Wale

Angelina – Arrow Bwoy

Mbangu te – Ya Levis

Odo – kidi 

Conflict of Interest (whole album) – Ghetts- ON REPEAT! Since it dropped, elite penmanship

What are you most proud of about your Albanian/Kosovan/Bosnian and Kenyan heritage?

Wow, I’m impressed that you remembered all of it! It’s unique, so I have to embrace that. It can be… political sometimes, but the pros outweigh the cons of ignorance. It’s a blessing really because both sides have such history and culture that I wouldn’t have the privilege of knowing otherwise. It allows me to enter spaces that are not mainstream. I’ve lived village life in both Kenya and Kosovo and seen the beauty and luxury side of them too. Because of my mix, I can educate both sides to be more inclusive of others – particularly my white side. I’m proud of being from multiple cultures and I feel special knowing that it’s not a mix you’ll come across often – if ever!

Where can people get in touch with you?

You can find me on all socials with the handle @InTheEyesOfLiz or reach me via my website ( or by email ( Feel free to reach out! 

How would you like to be remembered?

As a pure heart who lived with no regrets and helped others along the way. A little ray of sunshine and a breath of fresh air!

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