In Conversation with: Nkosilesisa Ncube

Nkosilesisa Ncube
Nkosilesisa Ncube

Nkosilesisa Ncube, better known as Nkosi is the author of the recently published, Drafts:100 Letters I Will Never Send. She is a trained journalist, screenwriter and aspiring television producer whose interests are in story telling through whatever medium. 

To date she has written a full-length film, short films and has also written for television. She also interned at the national newspaper, Sunday News for a year and had a short stint as editor for an online entertainment magazine, Urban Culxure. Nkosi is currently with the Multichoice Talent Factory where she is working towards improving her skills in film. Nkosi runs a personal blog in her spare time, Her other skills include public speaking and concept development.

Where does your passion for writing come from?

My writing comes from the everyday. I believe the word is “sonder”, the realisation that every person we meet is a complex human being with their own story and their own nuances. Once you understand that, the rest becomes a little easier. 

Which writers influence your work the most? 

A lot of writers honestly. I read a lot of poetry, Olivia Gatwood and Blythe Baird are my favourites. Jodi Picoult, Mary Higgins Clark and James Patterson are my go-to for fiction while Shonda Rhimes will always be my biggest influence in writing for screen. I will say that, To Kill A Mockingbird is the greatest book of all time. 

How was the process of working on your film, Jaiva S’bone and what were the highlights?

That was such a long time ago. It was my first film, made for TV film. I was really a baby at the time. So, it was really fuelled by the need to prove myself as a first timer. Still one of the greatest moments of my life. I believe I have gotten better since then. 

What inspired you to write, Drafts:100 Letters I Will Never Send?

It was the realisation that there are way too many conversations that I don’t have with way too many people and may never get the chance to have them. Because life gets busy and we all have stuff to do. So, I decided to put the conversations in letters (also because I’m a sentimental fool). 

How long did it take you to write your book and what were the highs and lows of the process?

I can’t say for sure how long it took. There was a lot of starting and stopping at so many turns. However, this year, I got obsessed with finishing the letters up. 

Where can people find/buy your films and book?

The book is available at Sharp Distributors in Bulawayo, still trying to get distributors around the country, fingers crossed. The ebook is also in amazon for those who can’t access the hard copy. The films so far have all been commissioned work so they can only be watched whenever the broadcaster airs them.

What do you hope people will get from reading your work and watching your films?

I always aim for familiarity. That people find a little bit of themselves in the scenes of the pages. If someone watches or reads something and they go, “I’ve been there” then I’ve done my job and well. 

Tell us more about your work with Multichoice Talent Factory.

I am currently enrolled with the Multichoice Talent Factory, which is film school for young film and tv content creators. Thus far it’s been a great experience, challenging, enlightening and it’s really made me reflect on what I would like to do once the programme is over. 

What advice would you offer to other aspiring writers about getting their work produced/published?

I will pull a Nike and say, just do it. There will always be a reason not to do it, be it time or resources or whatever. Just do it now because there will never be a perfect time. 

Who are the rocks in your life?

My family. They are the most supportive people in my life. I might even go so far as to say I would be in a different career path if it wasn’t for them. 

Nkosilesisa Ncube  Zimbabwean writer-joumalist

What 5 songs do you play the most and why?

Just 5? lol. Okay let’s try. 

Non-Stop- From the Hamilton soundtrack. It’s a beautiful song. 

Nearer My God to Thee- BYU Vocal Point- Because we all need to talk to our creator every so often.

90 Days- P!nk. One of the greatest musicians of our time.

Good Guy-Jessie Reyez ft Eminem. I love both of them.

When I See You – Fantasia. I started playing this one a few weeks back because I have a crippling crush on a boy so pray for me. 

What are you most proud of about being Zimbabwean?

The fact that I’m still alive and positively so, considering all that goes on in our country. 

How do you like to be remembered?

As an honest person who genuinely tried. Both as a writer and as a person. I hope people always remember that I tried to be truthful, regardless of the consequences of the truth. I hope people remember that every day that I was awake, I really did try to do better than the previous day. 

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