In Conversation with: Pauline Njini

Meet Pauline Njini – a Zimbabwean artist who hails from the City of Kings, Bulawayo. Listen to her heartwarming track, Zvinoita Mwari. Be serenaded by her smooth, honey like vocals that can soften even the most hardened of hearts, bop your head to the beautifully arranged instrumentals. Witness as your mind is transported to a meditative state as every word courses through your veins. A place where only good music can take you, but don’t take my word for it, have a listen for yourself.

She attributes the rocks in her life, “God is my biggest rock followed by my family and people that I’ve never met who have fallen in love with my music. They keep me going and they are the reason why I work harder to keep making inspiring music.”

Music is something she grew up loving and doing, having exposure to it via the local radio stations. The passion for music has grown and seen her release her soulful album, Heart of Surrender. Pauline describes her style of music as, “mainly gospel, but fused with different genres. For instance, I’ve released a song with a hip hop feel and recently released one with a house feel.” She likes to experiment with her music to make it unique to her.

The young Zimbabwean’s music is inspired by great artists such as, Dr Tumi, Kudzi Nyakudya, Janet Manyowa, and Kim Walker and she attributes God for nurturing her music talent, “without Him I wouldn’t have come this far.”

On what inspired her album, “I have always found comfort and closer to God through certain music. This is what I inspired me to work on this album.” The singer hopes when people listen to her album they will, “find comfort, find joy and draw closer to God when they listen to my music.”

So far, Pauline has worked with, “I have worked with my first producer Percy who produced Heart of Surrender. He was a pleasure to work with. I would like to work with artists like Dr Tumi, Janet Manyowa and Master KG in the future. My favourite songs from my own catalogue is, Ekhaya, a song that I’m currently working on and due to be released soon. So, watch this space.”

Pauline Njini

The artist’s most played songs currently are:

  • Ithemba Lam by Mpumi ft Master KG
  • Aiwa Mwari by Joyful Praise
  • Fill Me Up by Kim Walker
  • Ndiye Jesu Zvoshamisa by Kudzi Nyakudya 
  • Wafika by Dr Tumi

The best advice Pauline has ever been given is, “Not to limit myself and to aim higher” and the advice she would give to her younger self is, “Don’t give up on your dreams. If you give up, then who will accomplish them?”

Pauline wants to be remembered, “by the impact I have on other people through my music.” The singer has so much instore, so keep an eye out. You can connect with Pauline on social media and access her music via the details listed below:

Facebook – Pauline Njini

Instagram – Pauline Njini

Twitter – Pauline Njini

YouTube – Pauline Njini music

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