In Conversation with: Luminous

Meet Luminous – born Tinashe Mtetwa is a young Zimbabwean artist from, Bulawayo. He describes himself as, “an opinionated young fella, who seeks understanding, I believe a fool will listen to respond but the wise listen to understand. I love new experiences, and meeting people, words and food and Marvel movies.”

His name came to him during a writing exercise, “I have a writing exercise where I grab new random words from the dictionary and write a story…so it happened I was on the letter L and I saw Luminous and the meaning stood out for me. Like the name I want to glow in the dark and give forth light where I can.”

Luminous describes his style of music as, “more of a celebratory vibe with intellectual engagement, it’s a motivate you to get up sound! And what makes it unique is ME. The 2nd wisest man to ever live said ‘There’s nothing new under the sun’ but there is only one you. My only responsibility is to creatively share my unique story using a unique perspective.

The young artist’s music influences are, “Lecrae taught me how to make a good song, Andy Mineo taught me how to be vulnerable in music. Jon Bellion taught me how to enjoy making music, J Cole taught me how to tell a story and Kendrick Lamar  taught me how to push the pen. Tupac taught me how to stand for what I believe in.”

When people listen to his music, Luminous wants to, “start conversations, I don’t always want to provide answers, I want people’s ideas, perspectives to be challenged. Great writers don’t impose their ideas on you, they challenge you to find your way.”


Larynx is Luminous’s go to producer, “because of how we bring the whole song to life. I do enjoy working with a lot of people if the energy is positive then the creative process will be nothing short of amazing. I’m a fan of a lot of people and I want to work with most of them, I would love to lock it in the studio with John the Producer, Ishan, Khaligraph from Kenya, WhatupRG from USA.”

The artist’s latest single, Regular is one worthy of adding to your playlist. The song, “it reflects my mentality, I believe what we do on a regular is who we become. So, the song hinges on the urge to attempt great things on a regular. Being positive and thankful and building from that vantage. The producer, Beyond Beats, inspires me with how he titles the beats when he sends them to me. The beat for this was tagged Umar Johnson and if you know him, he really is about empowerment, ownership and building. I don’t condone all he says but I agree with him on that one.

His dream place to perform, “The most unpopular answer, anywhere where I’m not known, and I can turn people into Luminous believers. I got to add a tour outside my country to the list, where people are coming to see me live. That’ll be great!”

His most played songs right now are:

Testify by Maverick City

Fife St. Flows by Asaph

Ramen & Rhyming by Andy Mineo

Peanut Butter by Ishan

Regular by Myself

Friends become by Tory Lanez

The advice he would give to his younger self is, “Don’t overthink just do it and Do more!!” He wants to be remembered as, “Someone who Loved God, Loved People and did whatever he wanted.”

You can connect with Luminous on social media and check out his music via the links below:

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