In Conversation with: Sue Nyakubaya

Sue Nyakubaya- Writer

Meet Sue Nyakubaya – She is a Zimbabwean writer, author, blogger and poet. She is a wife and mother who enjoys reading and is obsessed with afros. Sue also advocates for equality in all its forms. On what/who she can’t live without, “That’s a hard one because they change but right now, my baby! I have separation anxiety.”

A high school friend ignited Sue’s passion for writing, “While still in high school a friend nudged me into writing I never saw myself as a ‘proper’ writer until then although I did doodle a lot.” That nudge has now led her to become a published author of the Chapbook: The Rivers We Cry.

When people read her work, “Mostly I want them to care more about themselves and be more conscious of what they do to and around other people. I want them to find healing and comfort in my writing as well.”

Sue got into blogging after being encouraged by her sister, “My sister encouraged me to start. She knew I liked writing and told me about it. My first blog was about economics, but it didn’t last long. A few years after that I picked it up again and haven’t looked back since although I have had a few hiatus along the way.” Her blog has earned her nominations for Zim Blog Awards and Afrobloggers Awards.

The writer’s advice for someone getting into blogging is, “Everyone has a story, you have a right to voice yours. If you don’t tell it no one will. Be patient with the journey, don’t rush anything.”

Some of the bloggers Sue follows, “Afrobloggers – the community is gold, Thembi Terry – she is where I want to be one day. Becoming the Muse – it’s so relatable like talking to a friend and keeps me updated on what’s going on in Zim.”

On which one of her works is her favourite, “A parent cannot play favourites, but I would say a poem I wrote called Love My Eyes, I am yet to publish it on any platform. It might change in the future though. My chapbook, The Rivers We Cry is up there are as well, it has poems I really feel I did good with, not it as a work but rather what it represents to me.”

Sue Nyakubaya

Sue’s biggest achievements as a writer are, “My one and only live performance to date. I have stage fright so that was quite the achievement for me. Recently, the 2020 Afrobloggers Awards and the Zimbabwe Blog Awards 2021 nominations for my blog.”

She urges young poets/writers that, “Even if you write for one person and that person is you, never stop writing.”

The most important lesson that life has taught Sue is that, “Happiness come first” and the soundtrack to her life is I’ll Find You by Lecrae.  Sue’s favourite thing about being Zimbabwean, “Mazhanje ebrown, I don’t know what they call them in English.”

Sue wants to be remembered as, “Someone who left the world a better place than what it was when I got it here.”

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