In Conversation with: In’utu J. Mubanga

In'utu J. Mubanga - Zambian YouTuber

Meet In’utu J. Mubanga – a Zambian content creator. Here are links for her YouTube and Podcast,  “both platforms are pushing my 1000 Awesome Zambians project via Shimika Conmigo! & Celebrating Our Music.” 

The content creator makes this content to, “Highlight positive stories out of Zambia/the African continent. So, Shimika Conmigo! is an important tool in achieving that. As for Celebrating Our Music, Zambia has a lot of great music talent that I am keen for the world to listen to. I would appreciate it if your readers would consider supporting my content creation via my PayPal. Any amount is welcome.

In'utu J. Mubanga
In’utu J. Mubanga

When people watch and listen to her content her aim is, “I want to encourage people to 1. Listen to stories about Zambia from Zambians. 2. Buy Zambian music, films, and books. We have many great stories to share as a nation and people.

In’utu likes content mostly made by other Zambians, “I like content (specifically digital content) that is made by mostly Zambians. As a Zambian who is living abroad this content gives me insight into “life” in Zambia. This playlist on my YouTube channel will show you who my favourites are to date. These 1000 Awesome Zambians inspire me. They help me share the positive story about Zambia and Zambians. They are doing amazing things in their area of expertise. That is something to be super proud of. 

On the opportunities that have come her way because of her content, “This guest blog feature is one of the opportunities that have come my way. I am quite honoured that you asked me to feature.”

The vision for her brand in the next 5 years is, “In 5 years my current 1000 Awesome Zambians project should be able to boast of having bagged some top-tier interviews. I would love for these interviews to be the go-to place for stories by Zambians.”

Her advice for new content creators, “A) There is always the assumption that you should have all of the best & expensive equipment to start your YouTube channel. You don’t. You are good if you have a mobile phone.

In'utu J. Mubanga
In’utu J. Mubanga

 B) And no, YouTube is not saturated…your story and perspective on issues or just content creation in general is valuable. So please just start. Don’t worry about who is making what.

C) Also, seek YouTube advice and tips from creators who have a similar socio-cultural background as you. Some “success” stories don’t always offer the ideal copy and paste formula.”

On what In’utu is most proud of about being Zambian, “I am proud of 2 things. 1. Our rich and diverse cultural heritage as a nation. 2. The fact that Sampa The Great (Zambian born Australian based Rapper) will remind anyone and everyone at every turn that she is Zambian. As a nation we are truly blessed to have an artist of her calibre making waves in the global hip hop industry.”

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  1. Refreshing, and inspiring all the content I’ve read from this blog. I especially like how she owns her being Zambian and find ways to bring out how she relates to some of her great targeted people in the 1000….
    I’ve been following Sampa the Great since last year April. I’ve seen and loved what she’s talking about. Yes, that’s such homely (If there’s such a thing)

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