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Fungido - artist

Meet Fungido – a new singer/songwriter on the block, born Fungai Madombwe. She hails from Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe. Listen to her debut track, Brainstorming.

She states her music fits into the following genres, RnB Pop, Soul, Rock, Afrobeats and Jazz. Be on the lookout for the music she has instore. One thing is certain, she will be bringing a versatile sound.

It has always been Fungido’s dream to get into music, “Music has always been my dream, so finally I am living my dream. My music is humanitarian themed, I want to encourage, give hope, joy, and refresh. Don’t hold back what you feel can help someone.”

Her various experiences have nurtured her talent. She states, “Despite being driven by passion, the love of music has been part of my life since childhood. I was a member of primary school percussion band, primary school choir. A member of church choir and upcoming Gospel bands. I believe all these fundamentals shaped who I am today.”

When people listen to her music, she hopes they get, “An appreciation of the beauty of life no matter what circumstances. ‘Together’ we will thrive in the darkest hour.”


Her music influences are, the late Chiwoniso Maraire, Mariah Carey, Celine Deon, late Whitney Houston, and Pink.  She is most inspired by, “Chiwoniso’s song Mwari Baba Ivainesu.”

The artist’s debut song Brainstorming got inspired, “by how nations and people from all walks of life are coming together in the fight against the Covid pandemic. Religions, experts putting heads together in trying to find a solution to the scourge. The response to the song has been overwhelming indeed, and I am grateful.”

Locally, Fungido hopes to work with any artist that would go with her vibe. Internationally she hopes to work with the likes of, Mariah Carey, Pink and Sam Smith.

The most played songs in her playlist are:

Hallelujah by Frank Edwards

Feel the Light by Jennifer Lopez

Sweet Spirit by Shower Power

Hero by Mariah Carey

Courage by Pink

The best advice she has received was from her sister, “You have what it takes, just do it.” The advice she would offer to her younger self is, “If I can do it, so can you, what are you waiting for?”

On what she is most proud of about being Zimbabwean, “The genesis of myself is Zimbabwe and that’s what makes me so attached and I can’t trade it for anything.”

Fungido wants to be remembered as “a life therapy”.  Through her music, she hopes it can heal those who listen to it, whatever they are going through.

Connect with Fungido on social media:

Facebook: Fungidomusic

Twitter: Fungidomusic

Instagram: Fungidomusic

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