In Conversation with: Ivai Nyamutsamba

Ivai Nyamutsamba

Meet Ivai Nyamutsamba– a young writer from Marondera, Zimbabwe. He is also a poet, author, blogger, Newsreader for TuksFM, a Campus Radio Station. Ivai is a third-year law student at the University of Pretoria.

The young Zimbabwean remarks, “My work revolves around the philosophy of Pan-Africanism, I give a voice to the unspoken sects of society. As a new writer I want my readers to be inspired to make a difference in their communities. To understand that our literary work is meant to raise social conscious of the daily situations that we are going through as a nation and a continent.”

Be on the lookout for his work to be published later this year, “My community should set a date for Monday 09 August 2021. I am re-issuing the Deluxe edition of the anthology. Customers may access the literary work, my debut work from my bookstore, Uncle Earnie’s Bookstore. The goal and business model of the bookstore is to cut off the middleman and give the author full control of their product and they can interact with their customers by directing them to come and purchase a copy in our Bookstore. I am open to working with other bookstores to sell my anthology and my other projects lined up for the decade.”

Many writers have influenced Ivai’s writing. He cites, “African Writers have played a major role in my writing journey. In no order, it’s the following writers both of yesterday and today. Ngugi wa Thiongo, Okot P’Bitek, Chinua Achebe, Ben Okri, Shimmah Chinodya. Ama Aita Adoo, Mariama Ba, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Sindiwe Magona, Modercai Hamutyinei. Aaron Chiunduramoyo, Salif Keita, Youssou Ndou, Oliver Mtukudzi among others.”

The works that have inspired Ivai, “My writing style is a hybrid of a quantum avenues I have transverse along my writing journey. Writing is about borrowing a concept from another writer, to amplify your own view. Binwell Sinyangwe: A Cowrie of Hope, Wole Soyinka: The Lion and the Jewel, Tsitsi Dangarembga: Nervous Conditions, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie: Half of a Yellow Sun, Dambudzo Marechera: House of Hunger, Franz Fannon: Black Skin, White Masks, and Okot P’Bitek: Songs of Lawino among many other amazing works.”

The writer’s favourite content creators, “I have to mention the following. Thando “SegzyUnicorn” Vokwana – he has an interactive YouTube show, Phindile Sibiya – she has an amazing podcast. Zimbo Son – has dope content. I love their works they are organic and thought provoking.

Ivai’s most played songs:

Nas: One Mic – Stephen Marley: Made in Africa – Jay Z: Marcy Me
Damian Marley: Speak life – Sampa The Great: Freedom – Sauti Sol: Short and sweet
Fela Kuti: Lady – Salif Keita: Yamore – Burna Boy: Way too big
Simon Chimbetu: Samatenga – Kanye West: Power

Ivai Nyamutsamba - poet
Ivai Nyamutsamba

Ivai remarks, his mum is his rock, “I would humbly submit and say my Mom. She has played a key role in my life for me to be here at this juncture interacting with you and the reading community all credit goes to her. For me to be pursuing his wildest dreams I would humbly give the crown to my Mother MaHelen.”

The best advice he has received came from his mother, “Munhurume ngave munhu ane zvinhu zvake, ngaazvitire zviro zvake. A man must have his own things, things that he can point out and note that this is his.”

The advice he would offer younger Ivai, “Dear Ivai, this life is not a race, do what you are doing, be humble, tell the truth always. This life is muddled and littered with traps be mindful that there are those who will try to exploit your kindness for their own gain. Younger Ivai, believe in your Creator and what your Mother teaches you.”

On what he’s most proud of about being Zimbabwean, “I hope is that one day every Zimbabwean will experience the Zimbabwe we are all waiting for. I am proud that we are home to the oldest ancient city in Southern Africa, Great Zimbabwe. My Ancestors the Rozvi people at the mount of Dambarare. With bows and arrows they defeated the Portuguese and drove them to Tete and Sofala. Zimbabwe has sixteen official languages that’s something amazing. As an author I feel we need to lobby and encourage the exposure of the other tongues.”

Ivai wants, “to be remembered as the guy from Marondera who did everything he could do to hoist the flag of Zimbabwe to the stratosphere. Giving Mama Africa her voice through my poetry, novels, and anthologies. All I want is to see Africa and her custodians owning our narrative.”

“I want to express my humble thanks to Zimbo Son. I am honoured to be interviewed by you, as an independent writer. Finally, may justice be served to the marginalised members of my community the walls have ears; the walls have eyes. Lest we forget.”

 Connect with Ivai on social media via the following:

Facebook: Ivai Nyamutsamba
Instagram: earnest263
Twitter: @ivainashe1

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