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Pollet Kang'oe - blogger

Meet Pollet Kang’oe – a young Kenyan aviator, writer, blogger, poet, and author to be. She remarks, “I am driven by the desire to write something uncommonly great. I am an entertainer at heart, loving, caring, funny, crazy, and an energy that makes you feel good to be around. I am a limited version.

Her passion for writing started from an early age, “My love for literature was instilled in me when I was a little girl. I wrote rhyming poems and could narrate imaginative stories. I thought of myself as an artist.”

Pollet got into blogging after the pandemic started, “After COVID-19 kicked in, I lost my job. I didn’t know what I was to do with my life. I thought it was over for me. My friend told me to create a website where I’ll be posting my articles. Prior to that I used to write my articles in a notebook. In May 2020, I signed into WordPress. Named my website, Storybox. With fingers shaking, I hit publish on my very first post.

I was sceptical about blogging. After publishing 3 posts, I paused, then came back to it in September 2020. I changed the name from Storybox to The Aviator Who Writes. I am delighted to announce that I officially came up with a standard domain name, BECOMING & BEYOND.”

The inspiration behind the blog name, Becoming and Beyond, “The day I launched this blog, I never thought it would one day get great recognition. It was all for fun, till I saw the serious part of it. It’s part of my life. I now see the Glory of being, harmony in Becoming and moving Beyond. My blog is a Christian-based blog, I want to share God’s love through Him, through my pieces so that my readers can Become and move Beyond. 

Pollet’s favourite thing about being a content creator, “It allows me to “try on”, live out every fantasy and whim. It allows me to live the dream.” Some of her favourite content creators are, “Wixx Magutha – She is extra creative. I love her artwork, and that is inspiring. Check out her work on Instagram (wixx_magutha). Uncle Beaton – The proud owner of Becoming the Muse. I love his work. Every piece is well articulated. I aspire to be at his level of writing in the future. ( Bolaji Gelax– Honestly, I admire you and your work. Gelax chatroom inspires me. Keep inspiring stars out here (”

Africaniwa Women’s Edition

The highlights of being a blogger for Pollet so far:

“I am an Afrobloggers Awards 2020 nominee – getting continental recognition is no joke in just 8 months into blogging.

I was a narrator for Africaniwa- Women’s Edition “She chose to challenge.” A story from Umoja Village – The village where men are banned.

Being interviewed by Zimbo Son – An Award-winning blog.”

The young blogger would offer this advice to her younger self, “Looking back to my younger years, I am amazed at how life has turned. Nothing is exactly what I had originally planned for. If I can go back in time and hang out with my younger self, here’s what I will tell her.

Everything happens for a reason – That it is natural to feel like things will not happen expectedly. The rejection, people walking out of your life. People come into your life to teach you something. Things that seemed horrible, painful, or unfair at times happened for a reason. In reflection, you realise that they happened to help you become stronger. Focus on one thing at a time, you can have it all in life, but not all at once.

Trust your instincts – Do what you believe will make you most happy. You might consult other people, but deep down, you know what you want. That you do not need to seek outside assurance to confirm what your heart knows best.

Don’t try too hard with people – Don’t worry if you feel like it’s hard to make new friends. Don’t worry if you feel like you haven’t met anyone who likes you. Just do your thing, be yourself, and as open as you can.

Take a leap of faith on yourself – That you’ve got nothing to lose but everything to gain. If you fail, you’ll become smarter. Keep your focus right, invest in yourself.”

Pollet Kang'oe - Kenyan writer
Pollet Kang’oe

Her favourite songs right now:

“I lived – One Republic

Reminds me to live a great life and have no doubts. That My biggest fear is not being able to do something or to live my dreams.

You say- Lauren Daigle

Helps me figure out how to exist when I feel like so many things are pulling me in so many different directions. A song that reminds me of my identity.

Rescue – Lauren Daigle

This song just leaves me feeling that while I’m going through struggles, there are better times ahead. That hope will arrive in an expansive way to rescue me.

Trust in You- Lauren Daigle

Reminds me that God has shown me a new layer of his character, and because of that, I will trust in him more.

Proverbs 3: 5-6 “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding, in all your ways submit to him and he will make your paths straight.”

Nobody- Dj Neptune ft Joeboy & Mr. Eazi

I love the beats more than the lyrics in the song. If I get an opportunity to dance at your weddings, please, play me this song.”

On what she is most proud of about being Kenyan,”KOT (Kenyans on Twitter)- Funny, the mighty, the powerful, and the wretched of the earth meeting place for Kenyans. A fun and enlightening space.

Mpesa- The mobile money transfer has entrenched my life, that I can use it to pay for nearly anything. Though, sometimes my mpesa balance reads like body temperature digits, it’s a significant source of pride. The vast landscapes of Kenya. Being a Kenyan is just a whole vibe.”

You can connect with Pollet here:

 Twitter @kangoepollet

 Instagram @pollet_kangoe

You can email her here,” Feel free to chat, vent or moan.”

Pollet hopes to be remembered as, “A woman who had a wonderful time living life. To be remembered as a thoughtful and caring person. I hope to be remembered for the legacy I am creating now.”

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