In Conversation with: Afrobloggers

What is Afrobloggers all about and when was it created?

Afrobloggers is a virtual hub for all bloggers of African nationality regardless of their location. The aim of this hub is to grow the influence of African bloggers through guidance and encouragement whilst helping them to reach a wider audience’. Afrobloggers has been around since 2015.

What inspired the creation of Afrobloggers?

Afrobloggers was created to make easy the sharing of the work by various bloggers.  The African story is not complete without the contribution of every African. In order to get the narrative out to a wider audience we saw the need to help bloggers by showcasing their work from our twitter account and blog site.

Who is part of it and what are your roles?

Afrobloggers was started by Winston who handed over the project to Bruce. Currently the team comprises of two people:

Bruce – Co-founder and Administrator of the Hub.

Beaton – Administrator and contributor.

How has the journey been so far?

The journey has been so rewarding. Afrobloggers has grown into a big community that has great influence on the blogging sphere. We have discovered a huge number of bloggers and created a vast network from which bloggers continue to learn and develop. We are not where we want to be yet, we have had difficulties in managing the project due to other commitments, but we have to learn how to navigate the situation and thanks to a hard-working team we are on course.

Who are your most memorable hosts?

Our Sunday Guest session offers a chance to any willing blogger to showcase their work whilst tweeting from our twitter account to the Afrobloggers community and the world at large. We have had many amazing sessions it’s not possible to pick out just a few.

What are the most important tools one should have when creating a blogging community like yours?

The first thing is to have bloggers. There is no community without the amazing family of bloggers who tirelessly reach out to us. The second most important thing is Passion. Without passion for blogging it is difficult to invest time into creating a value adding community like Afrobloggers.

What is the future vision for AB?

To be the biggest value adding blogging community in Africa. We aim to achieve this by promoting, networking and encouraging bloggers through providing platforms for showcasing bloggers’ work. Also churning out informative articles on blogging and creating networking opportunities for all bloggers of African origin.

How does one get to contribute to AB?

We are open to all kinds of contribution towards blogging from an African perspective. We welcome ideas, criticism, articles and suggestions. Anyone can DM our twitter account or email us on

What are you most proud of about being African?

We are proud of African culture, tradition and values. We love the way we raise our children on this side of the world.

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