In Conversation with: Roseline Mutare

Roseline Mutare, is a Media and Cultural Studies graduate who is passionate in all things media, lifestyle and music. She is currently working a radio presenter and sales and marketing executive for Hevoi FM a subsidiary of AB Communications.

On social media I use Rozi Cherub, Rozi is how I like my shortened name to be pronounced. Cherub means those little guardian angels, using Rozi Cherub on social media is just my way of being unique.

I use Rosie “Kamusalad Keparadio” on air the reason behind is I don’t speak deep Chikaranga like the other presenters. As a young presenter I like to identify with the younger generation in everything street lingo, music, lifestyle etc. I usually come out with social media trends and things which young people do and go through hence “Kamsalad Keparadio”.

How did you get to work for Hevoi FM?

I got to work at Hevoi FM by chance, in 2017 I had finished my attachment at YAFM in Zvishavane. I got a call from the then Station Manager for Hevoi FM, Tony Friday, he asked to drop by to discuss my radio ambition. A week later I went to Masvingo and we talked about the station (it was 2 months old then). He introduced me to Uncle Jahunda who was on air. Then for the afternoon drivetime show, Tony suggested I co-present with Uncle Jahunda. After 2 hours of fun I told Tony I had to go back to Chiredzi. He then told me I got the job and I would start off by doing weekend shifts.

Seven months later I moved to 4 shows a week. All this happened while I was still in my 4th year at University. Before I even graduated, I had taken up a Sales and Marketing role as part of my work at Hevoi FM as well as being a radio personality.

Tune into my shows

Monday – 2-6pm

Friday – 6-9am

Sat and Sunday 10am-3pm

This is just the lockdown schedule which we are using.

Who has been your most memorable guest on your show?

It would have to be Jah Signal, I fell in love with Zim Dancehall through his music. When he agreed to come on my show, I was delighted.

How do you prepare for your shows, what’s your routine?

Before I go on air I turn to the newspapers, social media, looking at what’s hot and every bits and pieces of information which my listeners would want to know. Depending on the show I’m doing I will also go to the streets, talk to random people and understand what’s happening. I prepare my Preparation Sheet “Prep Sheet” which details everything I’m going to do on my show. I then send it to my programming manager who will either add or remove items from my sheet. After I get the nod it’s game time, I drink my water 30 minutes before the show for voice preparation since some of my shifts are 5 hours long.

Who has played a vital role nurturing your career?

My Station Manager, Mr Norbert Tshetu has been influential in the development of my career. I started off as a presenter with 1 show a week, I moved to 4 shows a week. When he was appointed as the Regional Station Manager, he sat me down and explained the opportunities that I had before me. Since then I have moved to brand activations, corporate imaging, advert scripting and production, sales and digital marketing and social media management.

What have been the highlights of life as a radio personality?

My highlights so far have been the introduction the public, every Outside Broadcast and Brand Activation I have done. It has given me an opportunity to meet people who listen to me every day, it’s always a pleasure.

What takes up your time when you are not on radio?

If I’m not on radio I’m calling some client trying to convince them to advertise with us. If I’m not doing that, I’m watching something from movies, series, documentaries or musicals.

What has been the best advice you have ever been given?

My Mom advised me to mind my own business, compete against myself and keep my cards close to my chest.

Who are your favourite artists?

My fave artists in no order:

Winky D, Jah Signal, Sauti Sol, the late Mtukudzi(s), Hillsong United, Musa, The Weeknd among many others, no matter how bad my mood is, if I listen to their songs, they take me to a good place.

What 5 songs mean the most to you and why?

Sam Mtukudzi – Amai (this speaks the exact words I always say to my mother)

Donald Kanyuchi – Wakaita Hako (this song always leaves me love struck, always)

Frank Ocean – Thinkin about you (this one reminds me of one of my fav memories)

Winky D – Extraterrestrial (I had to memorise the lyrics so that I sing along)

Musa- Mthande (my love for South African music of this kind started here)

How would you like to be remembered?

I would like to be remembered as the person who broke barriers, gave a voice to those people overlooked by society because of limitations, i want to be remembered as the average girl who made it.

Social media

Twitter: @rozi_cherub

Instagram: rozi_cherub

Facebook: Roseline Venencia Mutare

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  1. ♥️♥️♥️👏the talented heartwarming voiced DJ. You are doing it,Rozi. You are an inspiration to me. Keep making us,youths proud.

  2. My best presenter with a nice sweet voice uSiqamulayezi.You made me like masvingo a lot the you present your program to us are supper good worse kana uchiberenga chindebele na chiyelele mmmm liyangicaza shaaam. Through heboi fm i now know many places li mandamabwe kkkkk,kwaroi,chibi,bikita etc.Roooz nkazana i strongly believe one day u will me face to face coz i now know u liveee I’m your #1 fun and umakelwane wakho too.Im begging to love Shona girl because u karispect and your culture as shonaz mmmm munochengetedza shaaam.Mabhebheza omhle keep it up God bless you always ….

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