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Samantha Borerwe

Samantha Borerwe is a young Zimbabwean content creator; a CEO of a media group called Black Gold Group. I am from Dangamvura Mutare, Zimbabwe, I briefly lived in Rusape. I currently I work and live in Japan and I have 2 siblings.

How did you get into blogging?

I got into blogging when I first came across an American fashion blogger called Naty Michele. I was convinced I wanted to also be a fashion blogger. Around 2013 I was introduced to creatives like Tendai Kamusikiri popularly known as Signature Roscoe and I joined a WhatsApp group Fashion Bloggers. I had a blog under the name Smurfette Fashion Diaries, that’s how I really got into the blogging world.

What have been the highlights of being a content creator?

The highlights for me is the thrill and rush I get when a new idea pops into my mind. I call my brain an ever-evolving canvas because my content creation stems from there and then it plays out. Secondly the feedback from people who consume my content is one of the best parts of being a content creator. Each time I post I see many people comment and it gives me the energy to keep on going. I also think another highlight is just how many platforms or individuals you meet through content creation. I have spoken to many people I never thought I would talk to or meet.

What inspired you to create Black Gold Pictures and what’s your future vision for the brand? 

The idea for me was to create an umbrella media group with a production house, a publishing house and a music production division. When I started YouTube, I had so many video ideas and they were not really channelled to one category. Because as I said earlier my brain is this evolving canvas. I was always telling my mom that I want to direct a film or produce one. That, paired with my storytelling I knew I wanted to open Zimbabwe’s future production house which is Black Gold Pictures.

A big dream but I feel it’s one of my most treasured babies ever. The vision for the Black Gold Pictures brand is to produce leading productions in series/drama form and full feature films. I believe Zimbabwe has a lot of untapped talent that just needs a bit of nudging and support. I mean if we look at Wadiwa Wepamoyo that is just the signal I am talking about.

How did your short film come about and what inspired the stories?

Love Shorts was an arrow in the dark inspired by the Quarantine period. I was looking for something to do for my channel. Then I thought of starting the whole Black Gold Pictures dream from the smallest scales. I had concepts I was already working on, then inspiration struck, I started editing and scriptwriting and the whole conceptualisation. Love Shorts is a series of short stories that I wanted to evoke emotion and suspense. Also to acknowledge that love is just a whirlwind of events.

What do hope people will get from watching your content?

I hope people get inspired, fall in love, get motivation to follow their dreams because I make content with elements of my own life experiences. I always hope and pray my content just gives someone hope that you can do anything you put your mind to because I did.

What happened with your digital magazine, Street Peppers and when can we expect a revival or is that chapter closed?

Well that is not a closed chapter, it was one of the reasons why I have reached the level I am today. Street Peeper is being revived very soon under a new name Avant Garde Zimbabwe because we wanted to start afresh with a clear vision compared to when we started. Avant Garde will be mainly focused on staying unorthodox which is kind of my angle in almost everything. Break the norm and just do it no matter what. So, we have an issue coming soon.

Samantha Borerwe - YouTuber

What’s your process when working on new content for your channel?

My thought process when I am making content or planning is always about my viewers. If you check my channel, I am mainly a reactor because people seem to enjoy seeing me react to stuff and giving my opinion. Even when I started my channel in 2018, I was reacting to Korean music because I tend to just let mind be free when I create content. For my non-reaction content, it’s tough for me sometimes because trying to break the usual content to introduce your viewers to other sides is hard. I mainly focus on my life now living in Japan, short films when I have an emotion I am trying to put across and makeup & fashion video occasionally just to balance it all out.

What creatives inspire you the most?

I would say Bestdressed (Youtuber) her content is high quality well thought out and shot to perfection. Vongai Mapho (Youtuber) she is my literal role model I mean I have seen her content evolve and how she is comfortable with her skin and her authenticity. Liziqi (Chinese Youtuber) I can’t even explain why but I will just say watch her content. Daniel Schiffer (Photography & Videography) that’s where I learn how to make my videos look cooler.

What advice do you have for a new content creator?

The best advice is just start. Don’t look at equipment. You know, fun fact and no one believes me when I say this but all my content from 2018 – 2019 was shot on a Samsung S4. That yellow background I had on my channel was a piece of fabric I bought in a local store for 95 cents in Zimbabwe. I didn’t have a tripod I would tie my phone to the window burglar bars to get a perfect frame and my mom was always my wingman. If you watch my BTS – Idol Reaction video, that was shot by my mother, she was by the window outside my room.

How were you keeping busy during the lockdown?

Well it was a lot of time I wish I had used better, but I was mainly brainstorming in my head binge watching series and movies and cooking and sleeping. Luckily, we have resumed our work life though.

What is the soundtrack to your life? 

That’s a hard question but I will pick BTS ‘s track Love myself, it helped me in so many periods in my life when I was in the pits. That’s when I truly believed language is not a barrier music speaks to your inner self.

How would you like to be remembered?

I would like to be remembered as the youngest black Zimbabwean woman to open a billion-dollar media group in Zimbabwe. As someone who made a million if not a billion people happy and changed lives by just watching and reading my content. 

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