KIM of Diamonds: Captivating Malawian Singer

KIM of Diamonds

KIM of Diamonds is a Malawian R&B singer-songwriter, artist and A&R consultant. Apart from being a passionate singer-songwriter, she also discovered a new passion for artist development for fellow emerging Malawian artists and the process is bringing her joy and fulfilment.

Her music is often inspired by love, life and inner conversations, also other people’s experiences and stories. Sometimes Kim gets  inspiration from watching Netflix, a tweet or meme, it could be something random that someone says that triggers the inspiration. 

How did you get into music?

Music started as a hobby initially, something I liked to do – I first got into singing when I was about 10 and then I fell in love with songwriting at 13. That’s when my dad taught me how to play guitar. Music became a serious thing for me around 2015 when I released my first album and even more from 2018 when I rebranded from being “Kim” to “KIM of Diamonds” with a self-titled album (KIM of Diamonds).

Malawian artist- KIM of diamonds
KIM of Diamonds

Who are your music influences?

Beyonce. Destiny’s Child. Lauryn Hill. India Arie. Brandy. Monica. Gospel greats like Marvin Sapp, Fred Hammond, Kim Burrell, Keirra Sheard and so many others from different genres.

What inspired your latest single, Best Kisser?

Best Kisser was inspired by a couple’s response in a YouTube video when they were asked what one of their favourite things about the other was. The husband mentioned the wife being the best kisser he knew “looking at the best kisser in the world”…he said something along those lines and I thought that was really sweet! So, Best Kisser is a song celebrating couples and love: it’s perfect for anniversaries, weddings and engagements; and I think I wrote it mostly because it’s the kind of sweetness and longevity I would like to see in my own love life at some point. I’m sure many people feel that way too.

What do you want people to feel when they listen to your music?

A mix of things. I want them to get goosebumps when they love a track: from the lyrics, production and vocal delivery – the whole thing. I want them to feel like someone just expressed in words what they have always wanted to say in a given situation. I want them to feel heard, seen and understood by someone they’ve never met. I also want them to feel good, sexy, sensual, and alive.

For someone new to your music, which three songs would you recommend they start with? 

With Love From Malawi


Summer of Diamonds

Of all the songs you have recorded so far, which one would you say is your favourite?

Malawian artist - KIM of Diamonds
KIM of Diamonds

Whewww! HARD question. My latest fave (because it changes every time) is a newly recorded single called “GO-Getter” coming out later in the year. It’s my favourite because of the message and inspiration behind it – being a go-getter, not wanting to go back to where you have come from and pushing to always move forward, getting things done and pouring every God-given gift within outward into the world. Striving for the best. I love the way the song came together and every time I listen to it, it encourages me and I know a lot of people need to hear words that encourage them to keep going.

In your role as an A&R consultant what do you look for when discovering new talent?

I look for talent that has the potential to stand out or bring something new to the table in terms of how they construct their lyrics and melody selections. Their storytelling ability, the way they deliver their melodies and flow; how confident they sound on a track; talent that is versatile is well – one that can speak on a wide range of concepts and topics. 

Which emerging artists should we watch out for?

Here are my Malawian emerging artists and producers to watch out for: Vas Reckless, Chiko Chalie, Icerp & Wrld of Jay, SevenOmore; and Mazani.

What challenges have you faced as an artist that you would warn a new artist about?

I would really say 3 things:

Get curious enough to study the music business/music industry and how it works; understand how to make money in it before you dive all the way in and then devise a plan of action that will let you do what you love and make money from the get-go.

Know that you will need consistent and continuous financial investment apart from being talented and having a great team. Look at either diversifying your skillset to make extra sources of income, you can also look into music grants which allow you to focus on making music entirely depending on the amount. Basically, be aware of the different sources of income and funding you will need to fund your music in the next 12 months and more.

Don’t be a clout chaser. Make music you love, music that tells your real story, music that reflects your vibe and persona, and music that speaks your heart language. The moment it becomes about clout, popularity and fame, you lose the plot and sauce. Stay grounded and surrounded by people who inspire your most authentic self, even in the creation process. 

Kim of Diamonds - Malawian singer
KIM of Diamonds

What have been the highlights of your music career so far?

The pleasure of performing at Lake of Stars here in Malawi back in 2018; it was a such an experience for me being a new artist; another highlight is winning 2019 UMP Female artist of the year, I thought that was dope and the start of many more to come; another highlight has been discovering that I make a great A&R being a singer-songwriter and artist sets the perfect ground for me to meet and connect with a community of creatives who can be brought together anytime. 

I also hear music differently, I understand the artists’ story on a personal level and I also can foresee some of the things we need to have for us to function better as a music industry and music businesses. It’s a highlight because it’s showing me growth which can be hard to see when you are always on the move and reaching for something. 

Where in the world do you wish to perform and who would be part of your line up?

Right now I want to perform to audiences who love music not for the hype, but for the feeling and experience of it; so one day a CXLRS studio would blow my mind; BBC Extra I think they have a segment where you can perform in their studio to an intimate audience. I love intimate audiences more than the big crowds.

My line up would have Summer Walker; Kehlani; Data Seiko; Jordan Moozy; Chiko Chalie, Tayamika; Jordan Ward, Muni Long & Josh Levi – that’s who’s on my playlist.

Who have been your favourite artists/producers to work with?

From right here in Malawi, C-Kay The producer (Malawian) has produced a majority of my music since 2019. He understands the vibe behind my songs and adds his own magic to the mix.

BFB – another Malawian producer who brings fire to the table! He has a way of simplifying the recording process in a way that allows you to get the best and most out of your session.

Drone808 – He’s from Malawi as well: I feel he fully captures the R&B vibe I am getting more into with my sound; I love how he puts his production together and attention to detail during the recording process.

Who would you like to work with in the future?

I would love to work with a mix of people from everywhere:  I would love to hear what I sound like to a P.Priime production; Metro Boomin’ and WondaGurl as well. Working with Tems would be dope too; I would love to write for Ayrra Starr, collaborate with Remarriages; collaborate with BIEN and I also want to work a lot more with my local faves here.

What is the soundtrack to your life?

Beyonce’s I Was Here is the perfect soundtrack to my life.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

Fail faster for real! Go for it and if you fall, get back quick and keep it moving. Trust yourself more. Believe in yourself more. Invest in yourself more. Put yourself first and build your own thing.

What are the top 10 songs in your playlist right now?

Bandit – Don Toliver

James Dean – Trevor Jackson

MONACO – Bad Bunny

Composed – Icerp, World of Jay & Stati

Brown Skin Girl – Chiko Chalie

American Love – Qing Madi

Ndekha – ICON Emcee x GriSver

Princess Going Digital – Amaarae

Not an Angel – Tems

Over – Lucky Daye

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How would you like to be remembered?

As Light & Love; an Empress, a Goddess & Freedom Fighter.

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