In Conversation with: Brucella

My name is Brucella, full name Brucella Moyo. I’m a pop singer and I have a brand-new EP out called, “Forward”. I was born in the US, in Ohio to, two strong Zimbabwean parents and I grew up in Denver, CO.

 What/who do you treasure the most in life?

Most? My purpose. I treasure many things, success, chipotle, family bonding time, all in that order lol but my purpose is the one thing that wakes me up in the morning and gives me drive. And as much as I feel like I know what my purpose already is, I believe that it’ll be revealed to me more and more as my life goes by.

 How would your family and friends describe you?

Oh boy… I guess the black sheep, the entertainer, the goofball, the one who never runs out of words to say, the one who doesn’t listen, ever. the one who takes charge, the fighter. That sums up what I would assume they’d say!

 Where did your love for music come from?

I was born with it, I don’t ever have a memory of deciding a different career path from this. I came out of the womb singing…yeah, I was one of those kids. Everyone in my household appreciates music but I’m the only one who loves it enough to study the business side of it in college. I guess my love for music was destiny my whole life.

 What do you hope people will take away from listening to your music?

Goosebumps. As I continue to grow as an artist I want them to gain goosebumps. I want my music to be the perfect song that they use at particular times in their life whenever they go through things, good or bad. Because that’s what good entertainment is supposed to do.

 How was the process of making your debut album?

It’s crazy because I had about three different ideas for my debut project, and none of them turned out to be what it is today. I had storylines and themes and different tracks that I turned out not wanting to put on the project anymore, it was a summer-long journey of finding out what I wanted to portray while debuting myself, what I wanted to give and what I wanted to say. It was a fun journey and it makes me so excited and inspired for my second EP. There’s just so much joy in song writing for me.

 What have been the best and worst memories of the process?

The best memories are when my voice clicks while I’m singing in the studio. I’ll sing a specific part over and over again until it’s right and the physical act of singing feels like such therapy. The worst part for me, which still isn’t even that bad, is probably all the long hours I had to put in at work to afford a quality producer and studio time. As much as I wanted to put the project out as early as I could, I knew that good work takes time and talent, and that time and talent is worth good pay.

 Apart from music, what else do you enjoy doing?

I love action movies, so you’ll usually find me at the theatre. Escaping the world for two and a half hours every once in a while, is always fun. Other than that, I don’t have too much free time to explore other hobbies, so I’ll have to let you know later on in life when I find out!

 Where in the world would be your dream destination?

Oh, don’t get me started! well to keep it simple I would love to settle in a warm place that doesn’t have winter, but still big cities. Those are my two biggest criteria for a dream destination to reside in lol, but vacation wise I would love to go to places that are rich in history. I’m such a little nerd when it comes to history stuff, so I guess the whole world is on my map for that.

 What is the most important lesson life has taught you so far?

That we’re all gonna die anyway, so do what makes you happy in life, for real.

 Describe a typical day in your life.

Basically…” Work” by Rihanna would be the theme song of my life these days.

 Name two things you can’t live without

Jesus and chipotle.

 Who are your favourite artists and why?

That’s like picking children! Well my favourite type of artist have always been the dancing power-pop type, especially in women. I love intense and fast pace music and songs about women power so anyone singing about that would probably end up on my playlist.

 Which artists would you like to work with and why?

There isn’t a particular artist that I dream of working with right now. I’m satisfied with the collabs that I’ve had on my first EP but as for everyone else I just enjoy their music as a regular fan. So far, no fantasy collabs have popped in my head.

 What are the top songs in your playlist right now?

Ghost by Zonnique

Music by Jojo

Sometimes by Ariana Grande

Attention by Charlie Puth

Signs by Drake

Orion’s Belt by Sabrina Claudio, just to name a few!

 When are you happiest?

That’s a good question, I guess on Saturdays when the family is home and together. It’s always a wholesome day for me.

If you could give up anything for a year what would it be and why?

If I had the physical ability to give up food for a year I’d probably do that, I would save so much money….

 How would you like to be remembered?

I’d like to be remembered as an inspiration to many, a soldier for the people, a leader. We’ll see where life takes me though.

 What advice would you give to upcoming young artists?

Before you bother doing anything, learn the business first. Just google it if you have to. Go out and meet people and learn something. You’ll pave your path and understand what’s important to you the rest of the way.

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