Cecilia Bamusi: Malawian Dazzling Designer

Cecilia Bamusi - Fashion Design
Meet Cecilia Bamusi Malawian Fashion Designer

Cecilia Bamusi is a 23-year-old, award winning fashion designer, tailor, and founder of Ciar Designs. She is a qualified accountant, with a Certificate in Financial Accounting (CIFA).  She is the 3rd born in a family of 4 children, she resides in Blantyre, Malawi with her parents.

The young designer, was awarded, Best New Fashion Designer at Malawi’s 2020 UMP Awards (Urban Music People Awards) which were held in Lilongwe. “I was happy when I won the award, I didn’t expect it.”

Cecilia remarks that her love for fashion is something that started from an early age. “My passion comes from within, I wanted to be a designer since I was a little girl. So, when I told my parents we had a misunderstanding and they wanted me to be an accountant. I then went on to study it and got a Certificate in Financial Accounting (CIFA).”

Her friends would encourage her when she posted the outfits she made, “I used to make little swimming sets by hand, and I posted them on my status – my friends would comment and repost in admiration. One my friend’s uncle saw it and offered me a job in Lilongwe that was in 2017 and the fashion designer journey started.”

Cecilia Bamusi - Fashion Designer
Cecilia Bamusi

When it comes to her designs Cecilia aims to make something different when she designs an outfit. She is driven by challenging herself and creating something eye catching.

Cecilia remarks, “Most clients come knowing what they want, and some don’t, for those that don’t we go through sketching to give them a perfect picture of what I can potentially do for them. Then in 10-14 days their clothes are ready for collection.”

The future vision for her brand is, “I intend to be a bigger brand than I am now so we can trade across the borders. Given the chance she would like to design a performance outfit for Cardi B.

For anyone aspiring to be a designer this is her advice, “For anyone trying to be a tailor/designer I will say go for it, don’t let people tell you there is already enough people in the industry. And yes, this business is tough like any other business so as you come into it let it be your passion so when it gets hard you remind yourself to keep going.”

The advice Cecilia would give her younger self is, “Keep doing what you believe in. I would love to be remembered as the girl that made a difference in the fashion sector in my country.”

The top songs in her playlist currently:

Teddy – Give up on me (it talks to me)

Kelsea Ballerini – Home coming Queen (I can play this song all day on my low days)

Beyonce – I was here (it Motivates me to do more)

Lady Gaga – Always remember us this way

Lady Antebellum – What if I never get over you

Cecilia Bamusi - Ciar Designs
Cecilia Bamusi – Ciar Designs

You can contact Cecilia on social media via the following:


Twitter: @CeciliaBamus   IG: @Cecilia_Bamusi


IG: @Ciar_designs2   Facebook: CIAR designs    Her business line +265882049940

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