In Conversation with Gloria Chidavaenzi

Goria Chidavaenzi - Entrepreneur

Gloria Chidavaenzi is a 34-year-old entrepreneur and single mom of two Jayden and Jayda. Born and bred in Harare, Zimbabwe before moving to Dubai in 2014.

She has been about becoming better and portraying excellence and this identity reflects in her appearances, her looks, the things she engages in. She is a strong, super industrious and intellectually growing young woman who has got everything that it takes to be the best at what she does in service to her world.    

Gloria Chidavaenzi

Where did your passion for entrepreneurship come from?

The drive into entrepreneurship started during my journey in weight loss, at the time I knew there was something important I needed for my body, but not many trainers or coaches were available or accessible. I decided to take that as a problem to solve, but I didn’t stop at solving my own weight loss problems, I extended hands to others and rendered my services as a weight loss coach and instructor and the vision came alive and clearer. I’m currently into body fitness and weight loss coaching which is a service I offer exclusively to women. I’m their Fitness Broker and Confidence broker. I’m your go to person after a Postnatal phase, a heart break, a divorce and you need a makeover and transformation.

How did you get involved with WASOW (Women Aggressively Supporting Other Women)?

I got involved with WASOW through the President and founder Caroline Rutendo Makamache, a friend and a sister based in the USA. We have been working together and currently planning on workshops and putting other projects in place for the purpose of aggressively equipping and raising women of all races. Those who need a hand in life’s pursuits and make them not only goal-oriented but also help them achieve these goals they set.

What prompted you to create Healing Hub Prayer Birthing Place?

Gloria Chidavaenzi - founder of Glo Moments

I got inspired to create Healing Hub Prayer Birthing Place during my spiritual walk with God where I found the truth and healing in God’s word. Through that, the need and desire to feed women who were broken as I was at that time and who were seeking for healing in their homes and for their families. Using the knowledge, I had found in God’s word I began to grow, and I immediately created the Hub for the purpose of enhancing speedy recoveries for these women by the common fellowship we shared together in the word of God.

What is its mission of your Glo Moments brand?

Glo Moment’s mission is to reach out to women and to specifically boost their confidence, in every area of their lives. From their looks and makeovers to their body form and help them feel comfortable to face the world with boldness and vigour.

Who has been responsible for nurturing your career?

I have mentors and supporters who have been standing with me, particularly, Pastor Rita Ncube and John Cole.

What is your vision for the next 5 years and what can we expect from you?

I wish to entirely work towards making Glo Moments a global makeover brand in the next five years, as a makeover brand for reaching out to women, specifically single moms divorced, suffering from any kind of heartbreak and helping them accept who they are and help them appreciate their looks as well as improve their wellbeing, body shape and figures.

How have you been keeping yourself busy during the lockdown?

Gloria Chidavaenzi - Glo Moments

During the lockdown, I’ve had the opportunity of reaching out to women on several social media platforms like the Zimbabwean Women in UK, CaroWashe Facebook page, Masasi Evanonamata Page on Facebook and several WhatsApp Groups like Iron sharpens Iron where I also expanded my viewership as well as network. I’ve also had the opportunity of working with several women across the world who have been veering towards body fitness goals and I helped coach them online and make them gain tangible results that they desired for their bodies.

What is the soundtrack to your life?

The soundtrack to my life is Ichava nhorowondo by Life Changing Nechavava.

How would you like to be remembered?

I would like to be remembered as a woman that made a difference and as one who helped other broken women get their lives back as well as their confidence, stealth, vigour, and success tendencies towards any sphere of life they find their selves in. I would also want to be remembered for my highly expressed self-drive to create a new Vibe and rewrite the Pull-down syndrome which is evident on social media against women and amongst women.

I want women to see each other as pillars either I’m supporting you or you are supporting me kind. As that woman that helped broken women find purpose for their lives in God’s word and help them become better Christians who grow in accurate and precise knowledge of who they are, what they have and what they can do in Christ.

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  1. I knew from the moment we met that you would be a blessing to those you meet. Proud of you.

  2. Well done lil sis. I’m so proud of you. Wish you great success in everything you do. May God continue to bless you Gloria!

  3. You are a rare breed Gloria! God’s blessings and favor In your journey. Exceptional work that you are doing

  4. I have never come across a woman who is genuinely interested in making other women shine…. You are God sent may he bless you

  5. Proud of you dear, you are doing such a great job. I would really love to be part and parcel of your project im based in Cape Town.

  6. Wonderful article. Gloria is indeed a game-changer, a fighter and well-versed with mental wellness and fitness lifestyle. Her spiritual and entrepreneurial versatility makes her enviable and an inspiration. UAE (Dubai) is fully represented and this is just the beginning.

  7. Yes Gloria Chidavaenzi!!! The sky is the limit . Indeed you shall be remembered

  8. Im amazed at how aggressive you are when it comes to what you have set out to be,your drive makes believing in oneself easier and that’s the attitude we need as women,girls and ladies to know that we matter as individuals and anything is achievable if we so will.
    I wish you all the best on your odyssey and you have my support all the way..Glo series go gal.

  9. Beautiful, I am proud of you my niece and all the work that you do, my heart is so full. May God continue to cover you as you continue on this journey for the Glory of His Name. I love you. ❤️ #mydayone

  10. Iam so inspired.Love you so much sis Gloria. You do an amazing thing of uplifting women.The prayer group and the fitness group *amazing*..

  11. So proud of you my sister…such a blessing and honour to have met you ..I love you

    1. This is awesome Gloria. Keep on being a blessing to many women .Truly you blessed us on lron sharpens lron WhatsApp conference.May Glomoments touch and transform many women around the globe .

      Keep shining

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