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Valee Music is a British based Afropop Artist who was born in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. I did my junior education & some secondary education there before I came to the UK. I was about 13/14 at the time. I also went to a private school; as my parents worked very hard to help give me the best life & education that I could get. I continued my secondary education in the UK – studying Law & Business in university before I decided to pursue a career in music.

Though I speak Ndebele I am mix of Shangaan (on my mum’s side) and Sotho & Zulu, on my dad’s side. Singing in the Afro music genre allows me to bring a cultural element to my sound; which I enjoy sharing with the world.

Where did your passion for music come from?

I come from a Christian family that loves to praise & worship. So, from an early age singing has been around me. About 2/3 years ago I learnt that one of my great grand uncles Tymon Mabaleka founded one of the first record labels in Zimbabwe. Music also runs in my blood and I am proud to be a part of that amazing heritage.

From as far as I could remember which is from the age of 6 – I’ve wanted to be a singer. My parents also have stories about me dancing before I could walk. I apparently would use the table for balance.

What do you think hope people will get from listening to your music?

From listening to my music; I want people to feel love. I want people to be inspired and I want fans to get excited when they hear themselves, through my story telling I feel like many people could relate!

Where do you get the inspiration for your songs?

Inspiration from my music comes from my life and from being inspired by those around me. I am a storyteller and I just want to tell real life stories; in the most beautiful, authentic and creative way possible. This can be heard through the choice of my lyrics, my voice, sound & style.

Of all the songs you’ve made so far which one is your favourite?

My favourite song is yet to be heard lol! The whole EP has great music! Please stay tuned and make sure you follow me on my social media, so you don’t miss out on the next drop!

What inspired your latest track Watora Moyo and how has it been received so far?

Valee Music - singer

Watora Moyo is the lead single from my EP. It’s a song about a love that overcomes and a love that transcends race & language. It talks about how love isn’t easy but in the end it wins. You’ve stolen my heart!

The track has been well received and it’s becoming a little anthem of its own. Especially now during Corona it’s nice to see how people are warming up to it sending me dance videos and I’m glad to be a light in a dark place at the moment. God willing – I aim to continue creating!

By the way if you want to send me a video of you dancing or singing to my song just follow and tag me on Instagram @valee_music with the hashtag #watoramoyochallenge and I will happily share with my fans!

What was it like working with Inkredible Muzik and Gemma Griffiths?

Working with Inkredible Muzik was exactly that incredible! A very talented team and I’m glad we crossed paths! I hope to create even more magic with them in the future!

My Music Video was directed by the talented Marc Neilson; and Gemma was the production assistant on the project. She’s super talented and even more amazing in person! The support, creative flair and energy she brought to the set was super dope! The whole production team did well but this is only the beginning!

When working on a track how did you know that it had that thing?

You just know! You don’t plan it but when you’re in your element, you allow the creativity to flow and you hit that sweet spot…You just know!

What’s a typical studio session like for you?

I don’t plan the outcome of my studio sessions. Studio sessions are all about vibes. If you want to create good music that people can feel; you have to open all your senses really listen and then you can tell your story.

How have you been keeping yourself entertained and safe the lockdown?

Lockdown is not easy for any of us! But we’ve got to stay safe, washing our hands and doing the best we can for us and our families.

During lockdown I’ve spent some of my time getting to know my fan base and connecting with them. Working from home (because the work never stops) but also more time to myself to meditate, think and pray! Occasionally I get the work outs in but it’s a lockdown not a life sentence, so enjoy that cake too! 😜 This too shall pass. It’s all in the hands of God.

Valee Music - Afropop artist

What’s the soundtrack to your life?

I love this question. The first thing that comes to mind is: Remember when it rained by DJ Sbu

How would you like to be remembered?

I want people to remember me as someone who loved people. ‘Umuntu Wabantu’. I champion one Africa and enjoy different cultures and languages. Zimbabwe is so diverse and as a Ndebele woman I represent all the different minorities from there, that the world doesn’t yet know about. I want to be remembered as someone who inspired even just One African Child, to know that their dreams are valid and that they are possible!

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