In Conversation with: Neelo Lentebanye

Neelo Lentebanye
Meet Neelo Lentebanye an Arts and Culture Practitioner from Botswana

Neelo Lentebanye is an Arts and Culture Practitioner based in Gaborone-Botswana. She is the founder of Neelo Management and Consultancy a creative hub that specialises in arts consultancy services both in the theatre and film disciplines. As well as corporate and private events, solutions, arts training, and art curating services. Neelo is also an award-winning playwright, trained arts adjudicator, farmer, and an avid traveller.

What inspired your passion arts and culture?

I can’t pinpoint exactly how it started, but I have been an avid traveller from a young age, i got drawn in and fell in love with learning and immersing myself in other people’s cultures. And of course, where there is culture and arts go hand in hand. I always excelled in literature and languages at school, and I have always loved words and poetry and extra curriculum activities that touched on anything to do with arts. 

I am passionate about the work I do and treating art as a business and ensuring professional accountability to our skills and talents.

What is your most memorable moment from when you started out?

I think it would be getting contracted to be a casting director for a UNICEF Campaign TV Commercial, I started my own company right then.

Neelo Lentebanye on set
Neelo Lentebanye on set

Who are some of your role models?

Connie Ferguson stands out, also because she is very much relatable. I also get inspired by my friends honestly, there is something about seeing people start out and push to make it in life. The people around me inspire me to work and become a better person. 

What are some of the events that you host and organise?

I do all round events, from coordinating Awards Ceremonies, Pageantry and Fashion Shows, Poetry, and Music sessions as well as curating Art Exhibitions. I can jump in any fast-paced event or environment that needs coordination or any logistical organising.

Where do you see the Botswana art scene in the next 5 years?

As slow as things are, I believe things will pick soon. If us creatives keep pushing our limits eventually the country will start taking notice.

How did your trip to Italy come to be and what were your takeaways in terms of arts and culture?

I have always wanted to travel to Italy for years but along the way covid happened. Then I got invited this year by a Film Production company and I worked my schedule around it and made sure I did a cross country tour. The arts and culture scene is something beyond imagination. Italy is known for that, and it really shows that they have invested so much into their creative sector. 

What have been the highlights of your career so far?

Overcoming a challenge every time is a highlight but getting invited to International exhibitions and having an opportunity to being in a film outside my own country has to be the main one.

Neelo Lentebanye
Neelo Lentebanye

Where in the world would you like to host art exhibitions?

Literally, anywhere! Italy of course, London, New York, any country in Africa that appreciates the arts. I just want to be where the arts scene is very much alive.

What are you currently working on and how can people show their support?

I have been working on a few projects throughout 2022 which I am grateful to have gotten support. I will be haring some of my 2023 projects soon. Collaborations and sponsorships will be welcomed. I believe i have just began a transformational phase in terms of my career goals, so I am leaving a lot of my plans to the universe. I am hoping for major shifts and ready to challenge myself further.

What advice would you give your younger self?

To tell my mum and dad that I love them every chance I got. To also trust in the universe and know that things happen for my greater good during my life’s painful and doubtful experiences. 

What are the most played songs in your playlist right now?

Mille Jackson – Rose Colored Glasses

Shekinah – Different

Amantle Brown – Kgantele

Queen – Pressure 

Not music, but Motivational audios (Les Brown, Steve Harvey, T.D Jakes, Jordan Peterson.) 

Neelo Lentebanye in Italy

What are you most proud of about being from Botswana?

Like the beautiful diamonds mined in my country, I take my life challenges head on knowing that a diamond forms and gets polished under pressure. I am a daughter of the soil.

How can people get in touch with you?

For work and collaborations, they can reach me at 

FB page: Neelo Management & Consultancy or Neelo Lentebanye across all social media platforms.

How would you like to be remembered?

As someone who lived her life to the fullest, unconventionally even, because it would mean I found and fulfilled my purpose, which is simply to live my life fully and, in the process, inspiring or helping the next person do the same.

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