Lutgard Musiime: The Nurturing Nutritionist

Lutgard Musiime
Meet Ugandan Nutritionist Lutgard Musiime

Lutgard Musiime is a Ugandan nutritionist, writer, blogger, public speaker, Catholic Christian, working in Uganda with a life purpose of improving the nutrition status of women and children living in Africa through improved nutrition practices.

Her passion for writing comes from her love for talking. “I like to say that it comes from the fact that I love to talk and now have the privilege to do that through my words.

The nurturing of my talent has been through people who have believed and encouraged me to keep writing, but especially my good friend, Mr. Richard Ddungu who discovered or should uncovered my writing skill in the first place. It goes without saying, the Lord Almighty has been gracious enough to entrust this talent to me.”

Lutgard is a qualified nutritionist, “I am currently working as a nutrition master trainer with SPOON Foundation. I get to work with childcare institutions that have children below the age of five and children with disabilities that have issues with feeding. My major role here is to equip childcare givers with the best nutrition knowledge that ensures safety and efficiency in the feeding of these children in order to achieve their optimal nutrition status as they grow.”

The highlights of her career have been, “Getting to positively change and impact a life of the beneficiaries of my career is my everyday highlight. I am soon to publish my first book entitled Differently Abled Nutrition and the lives that will benefit from this material is one thing that leaves me fulfilled.”

The young Ugandan’s love for leadership inspired her to get into public speaking. “I guess my love for leadership which stems right from home and was further developed in the different roles that I took on right from Primary school. Being a leader requires you to be a public speaker.

Lutgard Musiime - Nutritionist
Lutgard Musiime

Some of my favourite public speakers are, Barack Obama, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and Oprah Winfrey.”

How Lutgard got into blogging, “A friend of mine dared me to write content for his website years ago. Even though he had not seen what I was writing because back then all I did was to write in my journal and on WhatsApp groups where I would throw my random writings. Some six months into writing for him, I was convinced to try out blogging and it has been four years since and such a very worthwhile learning experience.”

The blogger’s favourite content creator is, Bikozulu, “I love his craft. There are many other amazing content creators but cannot mention all of them so I will stick with my favourite.”

The songs she listens to the most, “I listen to a different worship song each morning depending on the inspiration I wake up to. A few months ago I was going through a phase of my life and found myself listening to Jireh by Elevation Worship and Maverick City Music, The story I’ll tell by Maverick City Music and Everything by Timi Dakolo.

I also love dancehall music and currently obsessed with Touch it by Kidi, Weekend by Eddy Kenzo and Shamra Shamra by Mbuzi Gang”

The advice she would give her younger self, “Surround yourself with the people you look up to and learn as much as you can from them whenever possible.”

On what she is most proud of about being Ugandan, “There is never a dull moment in Uganda. Even when the times are tough, there will be something to lighten up your mood.”

Lutgard Musiime wants to be remembered as, “The person who lived their whole life making another person’s life better.”

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Facebook: Musiime Lutgard Akiiki

Twitter: @akiikilutgard

Instagram: Musiime Lutgard Akiiki

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  1. I recently met a very insightful female nutritionist from Kampala,Uganda…
    She really inspired me and my daughter with her vast information,unfortunately because my schedule I did not get much information about how to communicate with her professionally is there a platform that has images and names of your top nutritionist based in Kampala…
    Thanks a great deal,

    1. Thank you for reading and I wouldn’t know, but you can contact Lutgard on social media and ask her

    1. I met a female nutritionist from Uganda in Kenya at a resort called DOANI REEF RESORT she was very insightful with information on matters nutritionist.
      Is there a platform where I can get images and names of nutritionist practising in Kampala?
      Thanks so much

  2. May your life purpose be fulfilled daily with your words and ur wisdom in nutrition

    You daily demystify nutrition hacks for some of us here- kudos girl.

  3. Great work Lutgard… You really talk well through your words

    And yes, Timi Dakolo is a favorite for me too…

    Ugandans just love being happy surely.

    Great interview

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