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Justine Love
Meet Ugandan Creative Justine Love

Justine Love, full name, Justine Love Nuwamanya is a Ugandan writer/blogger she shares love, life and words of encouragement with the world on her blog, Words from the Pot. She is a philanthropist who is trained in Business Administration. Justine solely exists to help people and systems perform better through her organisation and management skills, she has experience in managing research projects.

She is passionate about her walk with God, bridging gaps in society and raising leaders. When she is not at work, Justine loves reading, writing, listening to music, watching soccer and rugby, taking long walks and chilling at the beach.

The rocks in Justine’s life:

  • “God for giving me life and everything that pertains it. He loves me.
  • My biological family for loving and supporting me fully. This is my number one accountability space.
  • My friends for being available at all stages of life. My friends are very loyal and caring.
  • My spiritual parents for always calling out greatness in me and nurturing me as a leader.
  • My mentors for believing the best for me and explaining to me all the different mysteries.”

Her passion for writing started way back in Primary School. “I used to write songs and stories for myself. In high school I graduated to writing letters to friends and my personal life stories in a secret book that I would read at the end of the year. When I joined University, I bought myself a diary and a journal, and that is when I started writing about my personal experiences to date. I share these experiences with the world to add value. One of my most prized possessions is my journal.”

Justinr Love
Justine Love

Justine’s favourite writers and her favourite work by them. “My favourite writers are Moses Mukisa, Billy Chapata and Sarah Jakes Roberts. My favorite work of theirs is Straight Forward Financial Growth, Flowers on the Moon and Woman Evolve, respectively. I find their style of writing very simple and easily comprehended.”

On how her blog, Words from the Pot started, “I didn’t know I could blog till 2016 when I signed up for a mentorship class for women and part of our assignment was to start a blog and write an article per month. My mentor then – Noeline Kirabo encouraged and told us that if one believes they are a writer; they can blog and that is how my blog “Words from the Pot” was born. After publishing my first article, I was awakened to the fact that as I look forward to writing books, a blog can be one way I use to reach out to the world with love, words of encouragement and life lessons through my personal stories. Therefore, I started blogging with the aim of reaching out to the world and telling stories of transformation beyond just the assignment. By the time I graduated from the mentorship class after 6 months, I had published 6 articles.”

The thing Justine enjoys most about blogging is “The fact that people read my work and pick on life lessons that they go ahead and apply in their personal lives and they get better or start to achieve more. Many people send me texts of how they have learned so much from my life stories and this keeps me writing more and more.”

Her favourite content creators, “My favorite content creators are Beaton Mabaso who writes timeless stories while having coffee on his blog Becoming the Muse. Flavia Tumusiime who shares all things growth and development on her YouTube channel (Flavia Tumusiime) and Tyler Perry for all he does in the film industry.”

Justine Love

On how she has developed as a content creator, “I have greatly developed as a content creator in the following ways:

  • Learnt how to post consistently – at least twice a week starting this year
  • Getting nominated for the Afrobloggers Awards 2020 under the Wellness, category. My work being recognised internationally was great encouragement and a big win.
  • Participated fully in the 2020 and 2021 WinterABC Blogging Challenges hosted by Afrobloggers. I was also nominated as one of the most outstanding bloggers in the 2021 challenge and this was an encouragement and push for me to get better.
  • I am a member of Afrobloggers, a creatives community which comes with lots of benefits like more social capital and developmental networks. I can comfortably visit Zimbabwe because I know I have a content creator who is my friend and resides there hence I am assured of a soft landing.”

In the next five years Justine wants to be, “Married, an author of at least 4 books, running a mentorship group and hosting safe spaces for the boys/men. Most definitely I will still be blogging too and organising things, spaces and people because this is life.”

The advice the Ugandan creative would give to her younger self:

  • Always move in wisdom and truth.
  • Lift other people up to greatness
  • Love at all times and forgive wrongs.
  • Face life challenges with a winning attitude
  • Cherish family and friends. These are your future anchors.”

Justine Love’s top songs in her playlist right now:

  • “Congratulations by ADA Ehi ft Buchi – because I expect lots of Victories in this season.
  • Omemma by Judikay – because indeed God has done a lot for me and He is good. He has kept me alive.
  • Joy by the Planetshakers – because God has made me glad. This is the theme song for this year of living. I declare daily, the joy of God over my life.
  • Bank on it by Burna Boy – because it reminds me of who I am and the fact that I am human, and I need God to help me walk this journey of life. I love dancing to it too.
  • The Vow by Timi Dakolo – because it reminds of my belief in love and marriage. It is a beautiful song that I am surely walking down the aisle to.”

Justine wants to be remembered as, “The heroine who loved genuinely, served faithfully, gave generously and lived fully.”

Contact info

Justine Love Nuwamanya on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn

Email: justynlovej@gmail.com

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  1. Had it not been for the assignment on the Mentorship class…Words on the Pot would not be existent. 👏👏👏👏
    You are such an incredible writer. And congratulations on your milestones. We looking up to you👏👏👏

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