Farida Caprice: Zimbabwean Vocal Talent Back In the Studio

 Meet Zimbabwean Artist Farida Caprice

Farida Caprice is a young Zimbabwean Singer/Songwriter, born Gamuchirai Farida Gute, she is a middle child in a family of five. Attributes God and her family as her rocks in life. The young artist had been on a break from music while concentrating on her studies. Most notably, Farida featured on Bling General’s songs, Ndi Ex Wangu and Ziva Zvaunoda, Jay C’s song Tiri Two among others. She also released her own singles, such as Ndakakutaurira, now she is back with new music, have a listen to her latest single Tears.

The singer/songwriter knew she wanted to be in the music industry from an early age having been inspired by her brother who also went on to nurture her music talent. “My older brother loved music so much and he always used to cover songs by the likes of Jay Z and Beyonce. At that time, I was about 9 years old, and he used to call me to his room to sing all the female parts of the songs he was singing, and I enjoyed it. That’s when I knew I wanted to pursue music.

From there I started listening to Destiny’s Child, Ciara, etc and my love for music grew stronger. I started participating in music and dancing activities at school and just kept going from there. My first time in the studio was at age of 15. One of my brother’s friends asked me to feature on his song called ‘The Blackspot’ my voice was officially on a record for the first time ever.”

Farida Caprice - Zimbabwean artist
Farida Caprice

Farida’s music is inspired by people around her, events, and personal experiences. Her music influences are the likes of Destiny’s Child and Rihanna, “As I got older, I started listening to more local music (Urban Grooves) by artists like Betty Makaya, Cindy Munyavi, Teererai Mugwadi to mention a few. These were the early influences on my music, as of late I have been influenced by the likes of Shenseea and some Afropop artists.” 

The songwriter would love for people to feel positively touched when they listen to her music. “I want people to feel inspired and motivated to do something they never thought they could do. I want someone to know that they are not alone. I want to help someone love themself and know that they are good enough. I want to help someone get the courage to love and be loved. God is Love and Love is beautiful.” 

As mentioned earlier, Farida had taken a break from music for several years. She explains what prompted the break. “It’s a long story, but I’ll just give you the short version as best as I can. So, my parents (like most African parents) were not supportive of my music career. They wanted me to focus on school and school only. Every time I made music or appeared in music videos back in the day, I had snuck out and prepared myself mentally and physically for the consequences that followed.

At the end of high school, I had to leave the country to go and pursue a degree in Business Administration. As much as I was happy that I was now free to make music and work more on my music career, I didn’t realise that it was going to be very difficult to find people I could work with here in China. So, I just decided to focus on school and deal with music after graduation in 2020. Fortunately, this year I met a fellow Zimbabwean who is also an artist/producer and we’ve been working together since a couple of months ago.”

Farida Caprice - singer
Farida Caprice

Her music style has evolved since the early days, “Back then, I considered myself a Zim Dancehall artist, but I’ve since realised that I was trying to force myself into this box where I didn’t really fit. My music is a fusion of many different styles of music. I create according to whatever comes to me. One day you will catch me on a hip hop track, the next day you will hear me on an afro-pop beat and next time I’ll be flowing in patois.”

Farida states, “I have worked with several artists and producers and most of them were quite amazing and very professional. As for favourite artists I would say, Bling General and for producers I would say Funkidalic outta Cashlibs City and KingRudy outta RMBK Music.”

She would like to work with artists like, “Anita Jaxson, Ammara Brown, Nutty O, Takura, Shenseea, C-Kay, Fireboy DML and Teni. I would love to work with producers like Tamuka, Jamal and Donjazzy.”

The one thing Farida would give up for a year, “I would give up Instagram for a year because sometimes being there feels overwhelming.” The one thing she can’t live without, “I’ll say lip moisturizer. If I leave the house without it then my whole day is ruined.”

Advice to her younger self, “First of all I would tell her to calm down and cheer up. God’s timing is impeccable, and He will always have your back no matter what happens.”

The top songs in her playlist right now:

  • Ameno – Goya Menor
  • Frenz – El Drizzo ft Farida Caprice
  • Bloody Samaritan – Ayra Starr
  • Lighter – Shenseea ft Tarrus Riley
  • Handipere power – Nutty O

As a Zimbabwean Farida the creativity that comes from other Zimbabweans. “I love how Zimbabweans are one of the most creative nations. We have so much talent and creativity, but unfortunately there aren’t enough opportunities and resources for the Arts Industry to fully showcase our talents on an International level.”

Farida wants to be remembered as, “The girl who grew up feeling like she wasn’t good enough but still managed to find herself through music. As someone who fought against all odds to become someone who would inspire and motivate others to believe in themselves no matter what anyone tells them.”

Connect with Farida:

Instagram: @faridacaprice

Twitter: @faridacaprice

Facebook: Official Farida Caprice

TikTok: Farida_Caprice

YouTube: Farida Caprice

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