In Conversation with: Maandy

Maandy is, currently the baddest female rapper in Kenya (not to brag) but it’s a fact. Fierce and a boss in every way.

How did you get into music?  

I got into music in 2016 though initially I was a DJ. worked with a team called intronix which was an entertainment crew, then from there started getting interested in venturing into music. I didn’t know much about writing music especially hip-hop but got help from a guy called Danytox who later started shooting my videos.

Where does the inspiration for your songs come from?

 From my day to day basically. my music mostly is a reflection of what my current mood is, if I wake up feeling like a boss, I write about it, if I wake up and feel like I’m the baddest, I rap about it.  

How would you describe your style of music? 

 The music I used to write when I started was kinda too hardcore, but now I’m like blending so much in, I like trap no lie, but I was also raised on dancehall, so I might try venture into that (maybe)

What else do you enjoy doing besides being an artist? 

I like adventure, I’m kinda outdoorsy but more with nature and not with people. So, find me on a good hike on the weekends.

What have been the highs and lows of your career so far? 

Highs: the fact that my mom and my sister support me so much. And the little amount of happiness that comes when I make a move in my career however small.

Lows: having time wasted by people who don’t know how to be professional. Also, trying to get people to take me seriously as an artist.

Who are your music influences? 

Uhm, as I said, I grew up on a lot of dancehall and reggae so most of me is still leaning on that side, there’s Spice from Jamaica who’s worked so hard to get to where she is, also Masicka, Vybes, Alkaline and a bit of Nicki Minaj and Bryson Tiller.

 What do you hope people will get from listening to your music?

 I hope they get a feeling of being free to be who they are and enjoy it.

Where has been your favourite place to perform your music? 

 I haven’t performed much but I’d say, this event I went to at KCA university, it was mad epic and people enjoyed my music.

What is your 5-year vision for your music? 

Wow, 5 years is a lot. I’m hoping I will be at a point where my music is appreciated far beyond the Kenyan borders. 

 What is the one thing that you can’t live without? 

My mom. Hah, I’d be a hot mess.

 What is the soundtrack to your life?

That’s a hard one. Like a boss.  Haha

Describe a typical day in your life. 

I don’t have so many friends, but when I’m not in school I’m just in the house watching cartoons.

What are you most proud of about being Kenyan?

The fact that I’m Kenyan. What’s not to love, the people are great and it’s a sea of opportunity, if you want something.  You’ll get it! 

How would you like to be remembered?

A hard-working artist. 

What advice do you have for aspiring artists? 

Nothing is impossible! So, do what makes you happy. 

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