In Conversation with: Nissi Nyamayaro

Nissi Nyamayaro - choreographer

Nissi Nyamayaro, aka Nixxi ‘The Codebreaker’ is an international professional choreographer, who is also passionate about football and computer sciences. A God fearing humble and charming guy and IT consultant by profession.

Where did your passion for dancing come from?

I used to dance in Church and many church people would enjoy my antics and dance moves. At some point I was appointed a leader of the Praise and Worship team at Church by Apostle Steven Mangwanya who motivated me spiritually that I will be Great through this Talent. Since then I engaged in pursuing the talent. I started dancing at 8 years but professionally in 2014.

When did you decide to become a choreographer and how has the journey been for you?

I ventured into choreographing Wedding dances and I still can’t believe how I have managed to choreograph at least 250± local and international Weddings. With the help of humble Legends in the field, thanks to multi-award-winning choreographer John Cole who introduced me to the cooperate world. He enlightened me to make the art of dance a huge source of income because way back I used to dance for fun.  When we would dance, taingopihwa (we would get) ma ‘God bless you’ but Jonso vakati vhura brain (John opened my mind) to realise the value of what I was carrying. The more I got the opportunity to create, the more I fell in love with idea of creating.

What have been the highlights of your career so far?

Sharing the same stage with Mr-Eazi at Ammartia Ignite and sharing stage with Fally Ipupa. Excited to have featured in Winky D’s video for Kasong Kejecha and on the popular hit song Ngaibake by Freeman and Alick Macheso.

I’ve succeeded in making the brand #dancelikenixxi spread through having a TV program (kipfit) where I teach dance for fitness every Saturday morning on ZBC and Zambezi Magic. Above all, I made a historical performance partnering with my friend Yashie at the 2019 Harare Colour Sprint. That was the first day I started getting asked for selfies by fans, just after we got off stage, every eye was on us that we had to stick around so they didn’t see us hailing for a lift home. We had no private car that day my guy it was something else. 😂

Which dancing styles are you trained in and which is your favourite?

Jazz, ballet, coupe decale, kizomba, Hip-hop, rhumba and Afro dances. Through that I have carved out a dance style called Coupe decale(zim) and it is my favourite!

Who have you worked with so far and who would you like to work with in the future?

Choreographers: I have managed to work with top choreographers, John Cole, Uncle Azeez and Edric Godzongore.

Artists: the likes of, Ammara Brown, Winky D, Sharon Manatsa (you should check out her gospel music it’s fire) Freeman, Faith Candy, Diamond Musica, Alick Macheso, Chengeto Brown and Killer T to mention a few.

I am looking forward to work with my inspiration and role model Diamond Platinumz and I am glad I have received some accolades of my works from his management and some dancers in his stable @wasafi, S/O (Hbajuni & moseiyobo)


How do you come up with the dance routines for your solo and group dances?

I’m just a humorous person, and most of my routines are derived from that and I am completely flexible with my creations. Sometimes, when you have to re-create something or make adjustments, you are pleasantly surprised how it comes together better than the original. At that moment you are happy the adjustments were necessary because it challenged you to create an even better piece of work.

How did you feel seeing your videos trending on social media and which one was your favourite?

Maaaan, I was motivated, and I could feel myself for a moment. At first it was a Repost of my dance video, reposted by one of the Greatest Rhumba/coupe decale musician Serge Beynaud and I was trending in Ivory Coast and DRC. Secondly, I was reposted by the King of Bongo Flava Diamond Platinumz.

Let me say this, there’s nothing overwhelming than realising that the biggest artists can recognise you and appreciate your work. This drives me to create more dance challenges/videos from their music. My favourite and most trended which was reposted on @zimcelebs page is a dance challenge from the song KOTA NA KOTO – by Serge Beynaud (check the video on my Instagram).

What choreographers/dancers inspire you the most and why them?

Yaps Jolito, Limpopo Boy, Deja Carter and Courtnae Paul. I’m enthralled by how vigorously they work to keep the world of dance safe and recognised.

Nixxi the Codebreaker

What have you been doing to keep yourself entertained during the lockdown?

Hard and intense workouts with Family. web designing and researching more in my field of (ICT).

What’s the soundtrack to your life?

This a tough one, but since I got a pair of ears😜 allow me to mention two. CAMPAIGN – Future ft Ty dolla sign. Salome- Diamond Platinumz X Ray Vanny. Though I vibe more to Acapella songs and all of Winky D’s songs.

How would you like to be remembered?

As the G. O. A. T.

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Instagram: @nixxithecodebreaker

Facebook: @nissithecodebreaker

YouTube: Nixxithecodebreaker

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  1. Wonderful😊😊You really are talented, and l believe you will reach great destinations with your talent😊😊 You’ve already been in contact with great dancers and artists which shows you will also be a great someone like them as time goes on because your foundation has been laid perfectly well😊Your path to success has already been made and l know you will surely enlighten others and also shine all the way💝All the best bro in all you’re going to do🙏we(your fans) got you all the way😉and may l pray that all your wishes be granted to you so that you pursue your goals🙏😊

    1. Wow, so much talent 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻Keep up the good work. I wish you the best always ‼️I’ve not only read this to realize you shine but I’ve watched you on a couple of events too🤩 , you’re such a beautiful performer
      I pray the heavens grant you all you wish for NISSI❤️

  2. A beautiful performer, you have brilliant charisma, very social and Humble please keep this, as this will distinguish you from other dancers.You put your heart and soul into the dance. Very gifted, i admire you!

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