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My name is Kuda Dzenga AKA Lady K. Media personality with a zest for life. Extremely outgoing and rather open minded.

What is your proudest achievement to date?

My proudest achievement is my BA (hons) degree in Media from the University of Namibia. I worked so hard to get that despite a few challenges and it’s helped me pave my way for my career. 

What is the one thing you can’t live without?

I can’t live without music. 

How did you get into radio?

I got into radio by mistake in 2008, when I was at varsity, University of Namibia. I had gone to the campus radio to submit content, I listened to the campus radio and got a few ideas about what they should put on radio. When I got there, I spoke to the station manager and presented the ideas I thought would be great on radio. As soon as I was done, the first thing he asked me was, “have you ever been on radio before?” I said I had never been on radio before, he said, “well you are gonna be on radio in 30 minutes”. Then I was like, but I can’t, and he said, yes you can, the way you have just spoken to me now is the way I want you to talk when you are on radio. As they say the rest is history.

What has been the best part of being a radio personality, what has been the worst part about it?

The best part for me has been the opportunity to meet so many different people within my line of work. I’m a people’s person so the more interactions I make with people the more I get to learn stuff around me. Worst is the invasion of privacy. Your entire life is put through a magnifying glass and it gets a bit tense.

Of all the artists you have featured on The Fixx who has been your favourite?

I really enjoyed interviewing Take Fizzo. He’s a pioneer in the industry and going down memory lane was amazing. I got to relive old high school memories with his songs.

How did you get to be on the Fixx?

The Fixx has always been on ZiFM Stereo, just with different presenters. Pd TheGhost and I just happened to be paired together and we work very well together that’s why the show is very popular. 

Which artists would you like to feature on The Fixx?

I would love to have old school artists and pioneers of Zim hip hop. I’m a huge Super Mega fan so AKA would be dope.

What takes up your time when you are not on radio?

I usually do voice overs, I MC gigs corporate and social events.

What is your routine when preparing for a show?

Pd TheGhost and I always discuss who we think would be relevant at that time in terms of popularity locally and regionally. We then find ways in which to get hold of them then we book them. We also look for trending topics that are happening within the culture do some research on it and find ways to present it during the show. We do a lot of research. Locally regionally and internationally. We are always trying to stay ahead in terms of what’s happening within the culture globally.

If you could give up one thing for a year what would it be and why?

I’d give up social media. It’s very draining. Almost takes a bit of you every time you’re on it.

What is your view on local artists being a competitive force against the likes of Nigerian & SA artists?

Local artists need to embrace critique firstly. It’s very hard to progress if you aren’t willing to get advice on how to best improve oneself. If they want to compete with Nigerians and South Africans, they need to study the industry very well. They need to do research. They need to work on branding. So much needs to be done in the background before a product is released. Can we compete? Not yet. If, however they put in the work plus the above mentioned, we can surely give others a run for their money. The talent is there, but it’s not being packaged properly.

What changes need to be implemented for Zimbabwean music to be recognised globally?

Zimbabwean music needs to be packaged properly. It’s not accessible. It’s almost impossible to find music and that’s what’s puts us at a disadvantage. We need a solid platform that gives us the music, we need more investors to put money into the industry and we need solid record labels to invest in artists. 

Who are your 3 favourite Zim Hip hop artists right now?

GZE: He’s been consistent from day 1, every time he drops something, it has the lyrical ability to grab so many people and his flow is contagious. He’s always brilliant at delivering a message.

Myk Pimp: He came out of his shell last year, in my opinion and really blew me away. I was excited for him last year and I can’t wait to see what he does for 2018.

2 Yung: He is an upcoming artist from Skies, the potential in that young man is astronomical. You don’t understand what that boy has the potential to do. That makes me very excited, I love upcoming artists, I am always looking for new school.

For a little bit last year, I felt the new school guys overrun the old school guys because they came through with new stuff that wasn’t being done and had such a fresh, crisp exciting sound. The music they brought last year is just a stepping stone of what they are gonna be doing this year. I am so excited to have found him and I cannot wait to see what he will produce for us this year.

Which upcoming artists should people be on the lookout for in 2018?

I’m really liking music from Bulawayo. The hip hop artists there are coming up with a very unique sound and it’s going to blow up very soon. 

What advice do you have for upcoming presenters/artists to get themselves noticed in the industry?

Be yourself. Be unique. Find ways in which to constantly reinvent yourself. Be relevant. Do your research.

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